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February 6, 2012

Way Too Easy
Monday. Ah, I think we may be back to some semblance of “normalcy” (assuming it's still “normal” to feel pretty good and ready for the day ahead). To bed last night early (nothing on television even I was willing to watch) to finish reading some recent magazines before turning out the lights. Awake just before the alarm was due to go off ready for the morning, early as it was. To breakfast and back under an overcast sky, they're saying rain later this evening (which we really need) and through the night.

So good, let's not waste the day. There's an Occupy meeting scheduled in front of the City Hall at noon, I think I'll photograph that, another sign I'm up and running. I wouldn't have done that (I don't think) yesterday or the day before, not at noon anyway. So more of the hup, hups! Let's see if they (we) last. I'm confident. (hup!)

Later. We'll not do Occupy today. A walk down the way this morning to the usual establishment - coffee and a cranberry scone - developing, as we were walking, something akin to what was slowing us down over the weekend, not a way to feel if you're thinking of setting out for the downtown and a demonstration in front City Hall. OK, sitting out there at a table thinking about this, a bus fortuitously arrived and I headed back to the apartment for an hour's nap. Ah. Better. We may have managed a reset.

We'll concentrate on the guitar though, Occupy will have to take care of itself. There are things to do, things I've recently actually managed to do (somewhat to my surprise) and there's no reason to be concerned about anything else. Hup! (Yup.)

How's that last camera coming along at Nikon repair?

It arrived at their shop Wednesday morning, I approved their estimated cost and now the site is saying “estimate accepted”. It took them a while to say “estimate accepted”. What I'm dreading is an evolution into a “parts hold” rather than an “in shop”. I figure once it's “in shop” I'm good with some small chance I'll receive it by this Chinese New Year Parade weekend, although they'd have to send it no later than Wednesday for that. We'll not hold our breath. I'm betting on sometime next week.

Maybe you'll have these same symptoms when it comes time to photograph the Chinese New Year Parade and you won't need the camera because you've crapped out.

Later still. A decent afternoon. Overcast out there, but playing the guitar in here. Well, playing the guitar in stops and starts, but stops and starts add up. It's now approaching evening and the world seems to have come into balance, turning calmly on its axis, not creating any jiggles in the horizon, deformation of the walls, not sending out thoughts that demand another nap with the covers up.

The world can do that?

I suspect the world can do damned near anything it pleases.

For someone who's saying he's “fine” I'd have to say you've lost it.

Saves me from going back and rewriting, replacing it with something coherent.

Evening. I've discovered the inside of my ring finger isn't happy with the barre chords today as it really stings now after a couple hours of practice. Gives a psychological lift, although it makes me wonder how long it takes to toughen up your fingers to whack out, say, a three hour non-stop session the way real guitarists play. Every day. And twice over the weekends.

But a good evening. The Scandinavian police procedural at six is one I've seen before (and relatively recently), although I remembered only parts of it (yes, I remembered who done it this time, the first thing I forget most often). An urge to go down the hill for sushi and sake. Not good to have urges to drink sake just because you're feeling a bit speedy and there's little to do other than watch television on a night when there's no television. Fortunately the sushi shop is closed on Mondays or I might have given in. Sometimes I hold off and feel righteous, but then again, sometimes I'm just way too easy.

Along Grand beside Lake Merritt taken with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor G lens.