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February 5, 2012

Let's Hope. Not.
Sunday. To bed last night after an early bath before nine, sleeping in until six-thirty. OK, we'll face the day. To breakfast and back, the sky clear, the sun coming up over the buildings across the lake as I write. A good day ahead: the head, as such, feeling OK (certainly better than yesterday). No trips to Los Gatos for MRI's or similarly strenuous trips on the calendar. No psychic, physical or biological exertions required. We'll judge the day by the number of naps. The fewer, the better.

Naps are in themselves rather nice.

Not! We're in our early morning - hup! hup! - phase! No namby-pamby bending to logic! We are marching forth and shouting our intent!

A one man herd of lemmings.

Later. A late morning and early afternoon much like yesterday's late morning and early afternoon, although things seem to be coming together now that it's approaching six. Which is good. I never quite got it together yesterday throughout the entire day so things are looking better.

A late morning walk that lasted all of maybe ten minutes. Across the street to the lake, a walk along the lake to the white columns, a walk back to the apartment feeling, well, ready for a nap. Which I did. Take a nap. For about an hour. Nap number one.

A second walk then to the ATM and then around to the morning restaurant for a late lunch, early dinner. I won't tell you what it consisted of, as none of it would show up on any balanced and nutritious list of foods compiled by anyone other than a soft drink company. A walk then back after dallying out at the table on their patio for a while, thinking I might like to wait long enough to take the next bus, but got up (not willing to wait for an additional ten minutes) and stopping at the white columns to sit on a bench and shoot a couple of photographs on the way back. A real photographer would have stayed longer and found a better balance in the people walking under the columns, but hell, feeling the way I did, this was more than enough.

Are you making excuses?

Not really. I know the difference and, if it made any difference, I'd just make the necessary changes. We're just laying out the day, excuses are too much work.

But OK, another nap, an attempt to watch the game, but discovering I don't get the channel with my funky digital rabbit ear antenna setup. Life will not end. A really good Bill Moyers program on PBS. This is the fourth of his series and all of them have been really good, more an attempted description of where we are and the forces currently locked in combat, than any demonizing the opposition, choose your opposition. There's some light at the end of the tunnel, I think, whatever's coming (if there's a solution coming) is starting to take shape, but it's not one that's quite clear at the moment and doesn't fit the current attitudes of either of the parties. Unless I'm wrong, of course. A thoroughly strange concept, wrong, in an era of moral certitude, left or right.

Guitar now for a while. I was wasted enough yesterday to pick it up but once or twice, not nearly enough time practicing to call it a day's practice. I'd think.

Evening. Hmm. I experimented a bit with the rabbit ears (it's more like a rabbit ellipse, a little more space age than the standard two collapsible metal rods sticking up on either side) and found I could receive the channel just fine if I held it up at arm's length standing in front of the set. I'm not standing up holding an antenna at arm's length in front of the set in order to watch the game. The game itself is rather interesting, the commentary much less. But that's my problem, if it were really a problem I'd fix it.

Again, feel pretty good. More time on the guitar. Let's see how this coming week goes, if they managed to find anything with the MRI (I have to admit I'm not even thinking about it, assuming it's a futile chase, which I've learned can lead to surprises) and if this need for naps and the odd fuzzy headed-tired thing (without really being fuzzy-headed and tired) staggers on. Let's hope. Not.

Lake Merritt taken with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor G lens.