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February 7, 2012

Second Month
Tuesday. Another good long night's sleep, up this morning feeling fine, to breakfast and back under a light rain. Rained all night last night and they're saying through the end of the day, but we need it. We do.

Getting back I looked over yesterday's entry. It had started clearly enough, but then degenerated with the late morning entry and throughout the rest of the day. The evenings, which I generally judge to be pretty good - clear headed, no sinus-upper palate aches and the rest - still seem to produce opaque and incomprehensible entries as any written in the late mornings or early afternoons. Interesting. Not yet totally depressing, but interesting.

I don't believe I'm (rapidly) slipping into some form of dementia, befitting my advancing age or anything like that, but it would be interesting if one day, clear headed, I could look back at this mess and see it in a larger overall context. If it has a larger overall context. But then that's always the problem, is it not? Recognizing, let alone understanding, your foibles, prejudices and inconsistencies? One reason I like portraits, you can often tell right there in the face. Then again, what the hell, write on.

Later. A nap, some guitar, more time on the internet (oh dear, oh dear) then off to the pulmonary test at the hospital, an easy (as it turned out) drive over and back, the test altogether taking some thirty minutes if you add it the wait time and the paperwork. A lot easier than an MRI down south. A bit tired after, but otherwise in a good enough mood. Sushi and sake later, I think, just a bit to ease me into an evening with the guitar. (hup)

And that's it?

And that's enough. It's still overcast, although it hasn't been raining. A very short walk around eleven to go to the convenience store for an ice cream bar. A decent ice cream bar, I'm always careful to get in one of the necessary food groups.

I stumbled through some old photographs in the archives and futzed with one or two, making one or two prints. Sometimes this leads to ideas for a project, a gimmick if you will, a way to display a common set of images with a little different tack that sparks your interest. I was thinking of doing portraits that were essentially pictures of framed prints, the framed print sitting in an odd or unexpected setting. Nice idea, not really original, I'm sure I've seen this done before, but either way, good or bad, I'm sure I won't do it. I won't say probably won't do it as I do learn over time from my own nonsense. After a while.

Evening. A little sushi, a little sake and the evening rolls right along. As does the guitar, although I sometimes wonder if my focus on doing the scales is useful. I'm getting pretty good at the simple set of scales they've started me off with and they od say it's good to practice your scales, but I'm using them to cut short practicing the current lesson. You do the lesson for a while, you get a little bored, your fingers get a little tired, and you change to the scales or riffs from previous lessons. This can become a distracting habit. But I babble.

What the hell, the sake is still alive, the sinus-upper palate is well in check, the head a bit foggy, but a foggy you're familiar with, this seventh day of the second month of 2012.

The knitted leggings taken this morning after breakfast with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor G lens.