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February 22, 2011

On Making Sense

Tuesday. A caught a bit of a wave, last night, as I often do in the sense the head seemed clear, the energy up, the ability to sleep nonexistent and, at ten in the evening, hungry. So I went out and bought a pint of ice cream, which I brought back and ate as I watched something or other on television. Which means I got to sleep not earlier than midnight, got up with the alarm at six, went to breakfast and back at the usual place and arrived back home by eight. Feeling just fine, the sun shining. Go figure.

For all my complaints or descriptions or whining about “fuzzy-headed ness” last night, and I was before reality clearing after nine, I did spend quite a bit of time going through my books of negatives looking for older Chinese New Year photographs, specifically black and white negatives, although there's a number of color slides as well. My books of negatives need attention, need to be properly labelled so I can find things more easily in the future.

I made good progress and put together most of what is a third page of Chinese New Year photographs for artandlife, but also finding a whole section of negatives from my days in the early nineteen seventies at the Rip Off Press. I knew I was missing negatives from the period, knew they had to be around here somewhere, but now they've been consolidated into their own well labeled binder. Another page there for artandlife coming up I'd think. From the old Press. Get that act together, lay it to rest. Put the past in the past, get on with the days ahead.

So, fuzzy or no, feeling up or down, I'm obviously making progress in putting things in order here and getting with the program. I have things to do this year and want to get them done, get my act in order, start playing for real out here in the semi-real world. When's the last time I've felt this way? Maybe never. Not at work, maybe not in college (turbulent times in college), certainly not in the army. Stuff got done, but maybe the wrong stuff, not altogether wholesome.

Nobody has any idea what you're talking about.

Yeah, but I think maybe I do and I'm going with it. We'll see. (Hup! Hup!) We're not making revelations about the existence of anything important here, just, you know, feeling up for the day and the morrow.

Later. Some confusion with the buses and the walk this late morning so it turned out to have been a bit longer than I was planning and so - what else? - I'm tired again. Nothing over the top you understand, just, well, after last Saturday at the Chinese New Year Parade and all the whining I did you'd think maybe I'd take it easy for a while. Easier. Walk the usual couple of miles today instead of four. Or more. So we'll mention we've repeated our error and not mention it again.

At least the mood is good. Good. Took one or two pictures as I was walking, nothing special, but it's always a positive sign when something gets into the camera. A walk to Jack London Square after walking through the City Center and having a sandwich over on Washington Street at Ratto's. Ate most of it. Roast beef and swiss cheese, mayo and lettuce. Not a large sandwich, a baguette, but I had trouble after eating about half of it and didn't quite get the whole thing down.

It's been like that for going on two years now since the operation. Keeps the weight off without real effort. No complaints about that. Makes me wonder what they did down there, though. None of it was supposed to have anything to do with appetite suppression.

Later still. To bed early, I think. No matter how many times I say the head is clear, it isn't always clear enough for coherent writing. I need to come back to this later, see if it reads reasonably well, I've long ago given up on making sense.

The photograph was taken at Saturday's San Francisco Chinese Lunar New Year Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.