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February 21, 2011

But A Whimper

Monday. No more sleep last night than I've been getting lately, although I got up this morning at six feeling pretty good, to breakfast and back at the usual place, home now by eight. I'm sure all that running around Saturday resulted in yesterday's slow Sunday, not all that hard to figure out. More exercise needed than my daily walk (hup! hup!)? Probably. They talk about exercise, mental and physical, delaying the onset of such as Alzheimer's, and I'll read the first paragraph of two of the studies and stories when I find them, but ultimately do little and change nothing. Some things in life are predictable.

I still have the problem of this Windows 7 blue screening on me after about the first twenty minutes of operation in the mornings, then rebooting and operating without a hitch for the rest of the day. Something in there that runs first thing when it's turned on, but what? Am I willing to do the work needed to find out? I know how to do it, it takes time as there's a long check list involved, but so far I've simply put up with it. And bitched.

I often lose a first journal paragraph or two in Dreamweaver when this happens. Dreamweaver seems to stop saving the file you're working on as this thing approaches. Dreamweaver, an HTML editor, works much like a word processing program in that you write, you make corrections, you save the document, you write some more, you save what you've done. You can have been working on it for some time with multiple saves, yet after blue screening it won't remember anything you've done. (Pisses you off, it does.)

The temp file it normally creates in making these saves just doesn't exist when I look for it after rebooting. Not just Dreamweaver, of course, it blows up in the browser and other programs too or I'd say - ha! - there's the problem! The system starts to slow down relatively quickly when it begins and, if I'm on the ball and catch it before it blows, doing a reboot through the menu, it will go through the reboot and run fine thereafter. The mouse cursor slows down quickly then freezes and there are often a couple of beeps from the speakers just as it blue screens and dies.

But you won't do anything about it?

I've upgraded many of the drivers, had problems in updating one or two and run diagnostics, but to no avail. I'll just sit here and bitch about it until I actually do something. Next month. Next year.

Later. Cold out there. I should have worn a heavier jacket and could have used gloves. Well, maybe not the gloves. Still, a bus ride downtown, a shivering walk around the City Center, a cup of coffee at Peet's (inside, this time), a bus then back to the apartment, my wanderings probably done for the day. I'm thinking of playing with some portrait setups. I have guitar to practice. I have a UPS delivery due today. We shall persevere. We shall babble on.

Later still. Got some time in on the guitar. Still need to go through the chord exercises. For some reason I'm comfortable with the scales and the riffs in the sense I'll sit there like a lump and go up and down, over and through them without a thought to stop. I've experimented playing half lying down on a chair with my feet up on an ottoman in the living room watching TV, telling myself, well, I'm sure the guitar masters can play these things standing on their heads and put in their own share of time playing while reclining, but we'll let this line of argument peter out.

This, taken from a link by Mimi Smartypants: Subtle, in a moon-walk sort of a way, but good. I wonder how long he had to practice to do that? I think I'll just let the rest of this day fizzle out, not with a whine, but a whimper.

The photograph was taken at Saturday's San Francisco Chinese Lunar New Year Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.