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City Hall Concert, Oakland

February 15th, 2002

Odd State Of Mind
Friday, which is good. Must remember that. Friday is good. Half the office seemed to be missing today in preparation for the long three day weekend. In fact quite a few people left after noon on Thursday. President's Day Monday. Relatively empty, relatively quiet, time available to get things done. My time was spent screwing up a project I've been working on, but I had plenty of time to screw it up royally as opposed to screwing it up behind a deadline. I left thirty minutes early, felt a little lonely, had a beer at the brewery pub and came home.

The San Francisco Chinese New Year parade isn't until next weekend, so I got it wrong. Better than discovering it happened last week, I suppose. I'll do something else, not sure what. I'm feeling stale. Maybe I need another week's break from the cameras. Maybe I need to stop writing about it. I really need some new stuff to run here in the journal.

I mentioned I had a blood test to see how my blood thinner was doing. I have these every month. I got a call after work this evening from the doctor's office saying, um, don't take any more of those blood thinner pills please and go get another blood test on Tuesday so we can check the results. Your blood is, um, too thin at the moment. And please, the next time you have a blood test, if we don't call you the next day, please call us so we can be sure we haven't misplaced it or anything. They cut back on the dosage last month, so I guess they're going to cut it back again. I wonder how thin is thin? Thin enough, from her tone. Hi, ho. Life in the big city. Better not play with the kitchen knives this weekend.

I'm in an odd place, an odd state of mind. Maybe I'm always in an odd state of mind.

The banner photograph was taken at festival held in front of city hall last summer in Oakland.