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Chinese Cultural Center, Oakland

February 13th, 2002

Give It Up Easily
I drove to work today so I could stop by the hospital on the way in and get my monthly blood test (to see if the blood thinner I take is working as advertised) and to pick up more pills for Wuss after work. A nice reality check. It rained today, a light rain, but enough to back up traffic along Broadway where every traffic light was out of synch. Nothing too terrible, but I understand again real time why I don't like to commute. Wears away the soul. My soul. Maybe not your soul, but I'm the Sole Proprietor, you understand, and that makes me more sensitive. Less tough than most. More of a wuss.

But that's a bug-a-bear of mine.

They are talking about making us get our MCSE's by the end of the year. Basically, study on our own at home, which I did a long time ago to get my Novell CNE (Certified Netware Engineer certificate). We use Microsoft at the company, so now I need the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certificate). These are good things. I've read that in big time techie magazines, the kind they send you free if you're in the business. Experience is better, but bottom line it's best to have both. When looking for a job, for example, out there on the job market, with a rent payment to make.

My issue is evenings. I write this in the evening. I make prints in the evening. I howl at the moon in the evening. I don't study for fucking Microsoft exams in the evening. Photoshop, yes, I've done that. Paid for it with my own (deductible) nickel. No complaints. But I did it for me, not Bill Gates.

I don't want to give up a year's worth of personal life to pass an exam for a company that would cut me loose in a heart beat. I carp about commutes because the longer the commute, the shorter the evening. They tell you to "get a life". Oddly enough, I think I have one. A lot of it happens after work. I don't give it up easily.

The banner photograph was taken at the Chinese Cultural Center last year in Oakland.