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International recognition!

At the Cable Car turntable on Market
February 14th, 2000

No Brainer
Valentines Day. Yes, yes. Hype, hype, hype. When I went by a local supermarket last Saturday they had a large island set up in the middle of the parking lot piled high with valentine baskets. Well, I'm not sure what they were either, but they looked like Easter baskets only they had red cellophane wrappings with heart shaped thingies inside. Two young women dressed in white covered with red hearts (absolutely tacky, it was wonderful) were haranguing the hoards to pick them up like they were loaves of bread, two for a dollar, pick up a couple for dinner. I've never quite seen Valentines Day hyped like this. Obviously a growing and exciting retail opportunity.

One thing, though. Those of you who have someone who works in an office. A bouquet of roses arrived today in my section, carried through the floor with everybody watching, and that was good, and I'm sure the lady they were meant for was appreciative, but you should have seen the look in the eyes of the women who watched them pass, the women who did not receive flowers here in the office on this Valentines Day. Do that next year, OK? Send her some flowers. Believe me, it has nothing to do with the hype and very much to do with a lot of other things that you don't get many chances to express. It lets every other woman in that office know some guy out there cares enough to remember. It's a delicate balance, this balance between the genuine and the hype, the hype usually winning. Still, on the office floor today, with all the others watching, it was a no brainer.

The banner photograph was taken in San Francisco and the exposure is terrible, but the expression is nice and I'd like to hunt the guy down again one day and shoot him again properly.