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International recognition!

Another day, another lunch
February 15th, 2000

Type On
In scratching Wuss behind the ears this evening I noticed his neck was wet. The light was low and I couldn't quite tell what it was, (I mean blood? What are we talking about here? Where does he get wet?) so I raised my fingers to my nose and sniffed. Oops. Catnip. Fresh, wet, catnip. I went out to the balcony where I'd placed the small catnip plant on a chair to get it out of the rain. Cat accessible. I'd read a piece recently on the web about caring for catnip. If you want to get rid of it just water it every day and it will die out. You don't want too much water, so I took it off the railing where the rain was getting at it and placed it on a chair so (I hoped) it would dry out. It looked "pressed", but it seems to have survived the Wuss visit. I'll find a warm place inside up high next to a window. Dry it right out. I still have the wire mesh cover that MSW provided when she gave it to me as a house warming present. I forgot about that. The old growth is gone and the new growth is lower and thicker and greener and the wire mesh cover will fit over it again. This is good. I am becoming a plant expert. Not something I expected.

Wuss, of course, smelling like a catnip farm, is lying with his head on the back of my left hand as I'm typing this, looking up at the ceiling and stretching, smashed, I suspect, out of his little kitty head. He likes to press his wet nose up against the back of my hand, preparing it, I think, erasing some of the undesirable human odor, so he can rest his head comfortably and catch a nap. How heartwarming. How cute. How disgusting. The wet nose bit. Don't like wet noses on cats, kids or my left hand: front, side or back. Gives me the willies. Smile, though, you're the adult. Wuss is the cat. You are the responsible party. Put down the heavy object which seems to have suddenly appeared in your hand. Take that look off your face. Relax. Type on.

The banner photograph was taken last week in Oakland at one or another of the restaurants we like to go to for lunch. Another out to lunch photograph.