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She likes my journal !!

International recognition!

The Ms. Queens and Princesses
February 13th, 2000

Rain, rain, rain. I would not do well in a monsoon, methinks. All that water. Maybe in the tropics, but I doubt it. I remember my one (or was it two?) trips to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands in the late 1950's. It rained every day, but only in the mornings between four and six. It was wet when I awoke, but just barely, and that was it. Every day was done in humid pastel shades of blue and pink with water clear as glass. I suspect that would have driven me equally nuts after a while, but it seemed like a good idea when I was first introduced to it, a youngster on vacation with his parents. This was in December, remember. Who knows what the weather was like in the summer? One week of rain and I'm jumpy. Jittery. Thinking of sun and white sand beach.

Catherine was kind enough to include me in one of her recent Weblog entries. I'm not sure I SF Chinese New Year Parade was aware of the term "weblog" before I first saw Catherine's site, what, I don't know, maybe fifty journaler years ago, a clearing house for what she's discovering of interest at any given moment, a kind of tabloid stream of consciousness. She understands the web allows you to publish your own newspaper. I am amazed by the volume and variety. I compare myself to an aging sun out on a thinning galactic edge who moves slowly through the darkness while watching the fireworks at the center. All that event horizon business. Well, you know, Sole, Sol, sun. Don't yawn. I've been having trouble focusing lately. The words are not with me. I would discuss this with self, but self is out of town. Left in a snit. A late model snit. Thank you, Catherine, it's nice to be included. Your attitude toward photography is much better than mine. Shoot and shoot a lot. And then shoot some more. Firedrake on steroids. You're right about the time. There's never enough.

Odd, my energy just now seems to be picking up. It's after nine in the evening. I'm ready to get ready for bed. Progress.

A note: Yeah, I noticed the webcam seems to be screwed up. I'll check it when I get into the office.

The banner photograph was taken at last year's Chinese New Year Parade. I've scanned this before, but I don't think I've ever run it. The expressions are OK, but the negative is underexposed and it's only been recently that I've learned how to clean it up a little better in PhotoShop. I'm tired this evening, otherwise I'd find and scan another. The second photograph is nice, but I think I need to routinely let in more light and focus better. Get ready for next weekend.