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Here In Oakland

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December 25, 2017


Monday. Lights out after nine to awaken at six with one or two bumps in between, but not much if any loss of sleep. My, my, no need to prepare to go to breakfast. Listened to the radio for a while before finally getting up to get the papers that I put off reading until much later this morning. Not overly comfortable reading them in bed. Not sure why. Maybe the way I have to prop up my head.

Shaved, turned on the heat, posted yesterday's entry, checked the usual news sites and then went back to lie down for a half hour's nap. So far, so good. Okay. Um, two Swiss cheese sandwiches for breakfast, the last of last week's less than successful supermarket run. Must remember to correct that the next time around.

Later. A quiet day, I'd say, made better by a second dose of the meds around two that seems to have made the sinuses mind its manners. Listening to the news, as always, and taking naps. Thought about continuing to watch something on the tablet, but haven't been able to generate the interest. Maybe later.

Evening. I did watch a Father Brown on television without too much mishap. Otherwise some time on the tablet and then to bed early. Still not tough enough to endure a Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, but at my age I'm not surprised.

I've managed to eat quite a bit today, going through the items that arrived from Amazon along with everything else. We're back to reality tomorrow and, I suspect, we'll get all the off the wall stuff I've been eating straightened out. First day I haven't taken at least one picture in as long as I can remember, though. Not that more than a few days lately haven't produced much in the way of a decent photograph. Don't like to think about that.

You're babbling.

I know.

The photograph was taken in 2008 through a window on Grand Avenue with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.