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December 26, 2017


Tuesday. Lights out again after nine (or was it before nine?) to awaken at just after six to listen to the first forty minutes of Democracy Now before heading out the door and walk to breakfast on a cold (to me, anyway), but clear and still dark morning, the mood very good as the head, the sinuses and all the rest of the stuff I've been complaining about lately seem to have gone.

I've been wondering about the way the nose has been stuffed up these last many days, a slight precursor to a sore throat there for a while, my next door neighbor asking me if I had a cold from the sound of me this weekend. A cold that's not quite a cold? A flu that was mostly stopped by a flu shot that's been noted for not covering most of the flu viruses floating around out there? The stress/depression that comes with the holidays suddenly relieved now that it's the 26th? Who knows, but why look a gift horse in the mouth? A good morning, in other words: energetic, clear headed except for the sinuses, but even they're mostly behaving.

Anyway, the plain waffle, sliced bananas and strawberries, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, we have a couple of pounds to flush out of the system now to get back to one-fifty. Nice day out there walking home and so more of the usual mind numbing pictures to include one that documents the fact they picked up the drums they'd loaded soil into when they were digging up the parking lot.

You do need to work on those pictures.

I do fret a little about that. Anyway, the laundry is running (another sign of life), the day looks rather nice and sunny out there and I'm thinking of cleaning the bathroom. Strange thoughts for any day, let alone the day after Christmas.

Later. Laundry done, folded and hung before one. Good. A larger than usual load and so it took more time to wash, dry and fold the socks. So again, good, although it seems I'm more tired than I was whistling about our change in attitude this morning.

So we're going back to pissing and moaning?

No, but I did take another dose of the pain meds and that seems to have at least tamed the resurgent sinuses. Still clear headed, the stuffed up nose still requires clearing fairly often. Doesn't run or leak, but I'm able to clear the passage quite a bit farther back than I have in the past, so something is happening. Not the “am I skirting with the flu?” thoughts, but “is the nose/sinus thing going through a change of some kind?” thoughts? For the good? Be nice if it were to the good, these aching sinuses having continuing over these last several years, seems counter intuitive. You'd think the body would figure out a way to heal whatever's happened.

Are we going from babble to wishes?

If you're going to wish for something, behaving sinuses are pretty high on my list.

Evening. The phone just rang and, for the first time, instead of displaying the caller's phone number, it displayed “Scam Likely” in large letters. I don't pick up on a call from someone not in my phone's contact list and wouldn't have answered it in any case for that reason, but this was a first for “Scam Likely”. I wonder if it's a new T-Mobile feature and if it will have an overall effect on these calls, as I get quite a few of them.

Watched Democracy Now! at five-thirty, remembering most of it from this morning, but playing along with it on the guitar. I just don't practice enough to make any headway, but I find I'm often playing more accurately for the first ten or so minutes after laying off for a while. Odd. Of course I've been playing the same series of scales and songs over and over now for the last couple of years, given these years, even I should make at least some progress.

Nothing on television and so to bed, still feeling pretty good compared to this last week or so. Let's hope it lasts through tomorrow the weekend.

The photograph was taken in 2008 through a window on Grand Avenue with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.