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December 24, 2017


Sunday. Yesterday went by in something of a blur, but lights out after nine, awakening at just after six to take my time getting up and getting out the door to drive to breakfast, arriving a minute before the waitress who opened the café. Good. Don't like sitting and waiting in the car (and even less so out on the sidewalk, come to think of it).

The two strips of bacon, eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast and coffee for breakfast, the day dark and overcast with fewer people than usual entering for breakfast. Never a whole lot of people, this early in the mornings, but it is Christmas Eve.

A single picture heading to the car to drive home and scratch my head over yesterday's entry before posting. Still overcast, the particulate count, quite high in recent days, is still in the “be careful” range and the heat is running. There are quite a few packages due from Amazon later, none of them to do with Christmas, interestingly enough (the end of month subscription list), and so we'll hang around and wait, not that we'd do much of anything else this day.

Later. Another slow afternoon, although the 49'ers game was well worth watching. The packages arrived, one evidently when I was at breakfast, left outside the apartment house front door, but someone evidently bringing it into the lobby before I'd gotten home, so I didn't notice until the second delivery arrived after noon.

Watched Elementary at five, both episodes, sort of. Fretted over the fact they'd substituted mushroom soup in place of the black bean soup I'd received from Amazon earlier, this for the second month/order in a row. Like their mushroom soup and so it's hard to make a fuss over this, but I wanted the black bean soup as well.

So for all that your Eve before Christmas is going well.

I'd say so, the sinuses are still letting me know they're with us, but otherwise the day has progressed from a bit of the wobbly headed business of recent days to a decent late afternoon and evening. A good night, in other words.

Evening. I've managed to finish all of the chocolate items that came with the Harry & David box without apparent problems or, if they appear, they won't appear until later when I'm asleep. Now to go for that night's sleep, with or without the heavenly peace.

Bells on Bob's Tail Ring.