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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


December 23, 2015


Wednesday. Another ten o'clock lights out getting a light night's sleep, but evidently enough I'd guess, as I was wide awake at quarter to six to take my time preparing to drive to breakfast at seven. Clear outside, no need to drive, but we're coddling our little self for the holidays. Well, we drove without a second's hesitation. We'll get back to walking later if only to stop feeding the meters.

Home to work on yesterday's entry for close to an hour. I talk about foggy, the head in a bubble, and I'm afraid it's the same for the writing. Yes, we're babbling on like an idiot here, repeating what could easily be called the same day over and over and over, but we're embarrassed at not doing it with some dexterity. There's a rhythm and rhyme, not to mention clarity required in a decent sentence-paragraph-entry and I'm scrambling in the mornings to make them happen. And not succeeding.

You've mentioned this before. More than once.

I'm wondering how to fix it, if it can be fixed, if I have the energy to fix it, if it's now permanent, this, well, ill punctuated gibberish.


Later. Bright sun, a crisp biting wind, and so a walk over to the lake and back, going by the burger drive-in thinking to get a grilled chicken sandwich, but then deciding not, as it was crowded and the long line was discouraging. This has happened more than once in the past and so we'll just write it off to persnicketyness or ill behavior.

Dumped the old magazines that have been piling up on the side of the bed. One good result from doing the laundry: you clear off the top of the bed in washing the sheets and so find it rather nice when you make the bed afterward and find the surface is now clear, the remaining magazines stacked to the side. Go through the magazines, segregate those you've read or pretended to have read, and take them down to the recycling bins. Feels good.

Again, a nice day, feels more like a weekend then a Wednesday. In my short walk over to the lake and the burger drive-in I made it a point to walk to the area down the way where they're planning to build apartment and condominium units to see if there'd been any changes. They've been working on the Grand Avenue facing buildings, doing whatever they're doing inside them in preparation, but I haven't looked at the back area behind them in a while.

Later still. Put together another three sections of apartment house photographs and put them up on the HereInOakland site, we'll convert them to artandlife and put those up tomorrow as well. Which brings up to the 15th of this month. Better. Much better.

A walk over to the burger drive-in again to pick up that grilled chicken sandwich around four, the sky still clear, the sun bright. A couple of pictures of the Avévista construction site along the way from across Grand. Looks like they're pouring the fronting sidewalk. More progress.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now while finishing the apartment sections, then to bed and the tablet before checking out Charlie Rose at eight. Not an interview to keep me up. No negative comments here on the program, just the current state of my gone to persnickety head.

The photo up top was taken this afternoon while walking on Grand with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.