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Here In Oakland

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December 24, 2015

This War

Thursday. Another lights out by ten night, another uneven, but decent night's rest, awakening around six-thirty to drive (yes, drive) to breakfast under a cloud covered sky and a sprinkle or two of rain. They're saying rain today and it looks like they're right, the weather clearing tomorrow for Christmas. Which would be nice.

Some rain again in the later morning, but the sun poking through as it was approaching noon and so a walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar and a bag of Planters Chipotle Peanuts. They're not too hot to eat, the peanuts, but get warmer if you continue to eat quite a few of them in one sitting as I'm doing now. Just the thing for someone who's upper palate acts up. But, you know, it's Christmas Eve, even we of problematic church attendance will bend the rules when it arrives.

I have enough for another section of apartment house construction site photographs and probably more than enough for one or two for Latham Square, so we'll see if we can't get at them today. One section should be a snap after yesterday's three, but we never really know until we read the later paragraphs.

Later. Finished another section of apartment photographs for HereInOakland and then converted and posted them to artandlife. So we're current. I don't know if I'll continue later today with Latham Square. Ah, well. Some thoughts should I ever begin another series like these again, how to make them interesting as they tell the story of a construction project from beginning to end. Some changes I'd make, not that I'll ever start another one. He said.

Still interesting to think about. Why did I do them? Why did I start? Why did I bring it through to a finish? What do you learn by spending so much time with what you more than suspect was a mistake? You learn quite a bit, actually, although it won't show up in other than future work. At my age not sure how much future there's left for work.

Evening. Haven't touched Latham Square. Futzing around with the television I discovered a Raiders game, what they're saying may well be the last Raiders game played in Oakland (they want a new stadium and we don't want to pay). Anyway, watched the game in between switching around the dial looking for other programs, finally bumped into a Foyle's War episode I hadn't seen before. Hmm. Not bad.

A two part program that ran until after eleven. No need to get up early tomorrow on Christmas so I watched it straight through, bailing on watching the Elementary episode that started at ten. I'll watch it later tomorrow on the tablet. Didn't bat an eye, just continued straight through with Mr. Foyle and this Christmas Eve war of his.

Bells on Bob's Tail Ring.