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Here In Oakland

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December 22, 2015

As In?

Tuesday. To sleep after lights out at ten, a light sleep if I remember correctly, maybe or maybe not surprising after three days of feeling tired and foggy and all the rest. Still, awake before six, too early, but wide awake and so up to get ready to head out to breakfast while listening to Democracy Now on the radio, dawdling to stretch it out.

Dark, a sprinkle of rain, and so driving, breakfast the avocado and cheese omelet with a full order of country potatoes as per my resolution yesterday to eat a bit more and stop this slow weight loss. Still left half of them sitting on the plate. We'll do better with whatever we end up eating the rest of this day. He said, half seriously. My life, if not life itself, continues to be strange.

Need to pick up a prescription refill and hit the ATM on Broadway, so out later on the bus. They say it should clear up today and remain clear tomorrow, with rain again Thursday and clearing for Christmas, so maybe we won't get wet when heading downtown. And then maybe we will, adding an element of chance to the day, won't complain either way.

Later. A bus downtown, forgetting my plan to go by the Broadway ATM before walking on to Latham Square to take pictures and then to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription. Went directly to Latham Square, took the pictures, went on to the pharmacy and then remembered the ATM as I was paying the tab.

Hmm. OK, too late to catch the return bus anyway, so a walk to the ATM and then on to the apartment house construction site to have an apple fritter and coffee at the corner café before taking pictures.

There'd been no workers at Latham Square when I arrived at eleven, but all of the other construction projects in the area were active, so I'm suspecting laying concrete or whatever they were doing at the Square at this point does not react well to rain. Then again this is me guessing. We do that too often.

Feel pretty good. Still dark grey and overcast, but no rain. It will be nice if it's clear tomorrow. I need to do laundry, maybe check downstairs to see if if I can't get it out of the way today.

Later still. Packed the laundry and trundled it downstairs, the laundry room indeed empty and so cleared what they're saying will be a sunny day tomorrow by doing it now.

You're angling for a pat on the head? Aren't we a little old for that in this day and age?

Evening. Another evening with nothing on television (or the tablet, for that matter) and so to bed not long after eight, lights out by ten. This is getting old, this tablet-television business, I may have to do something about it.

As in?

The photo up top was taken of at Latham Square this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.