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Here In Oakland

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December 12, 2015

The Dark

Saturday. Lights out again by ten, awakening at six. Early. Ah, well. Up to drive to breakfast on another meter free Saturday, back to futz with yesterday's interminable entry. I hadn't processed the photographs I'd taken yesterday and so wrestled with them, Lightroom acting up for some reason and then followed by my FTP program. Once I'd gotten that straightened out one of the links in the middle of yesterday's entry failed to bring up the photograph of the Sears building for reasons I haven't been able to figure out. I'd like to get this computer crap behind me, I would.

They're having another SantaCon in San Francisco, the group assembling in Union Square at noon. The thought of going to Union Square to photograph them isn't a happy thought and so we're not going, but again, this trepidation is not a good sign.

I suspect our day will have more of these computer glitches to iron out, so maybe a walk over to the farmers market for a break, go by the lake, see if there's anything going on before sitting down in front of this computer again.

Later. A walk over to the lake, passing by a group of Ginga Mundo dancers practicing with sticks of some kind (thought they were drum sticks at first) and so a couple of pictures. Thought I might get coffee and something to eat at the café by the fitness club instead of going right home and so I did. A bagel with cream cheese. On then to Lakeshore through the farmers market, not sure where I really wanted to go other than just going somewhere, stopped, decided against the ice cream shop, not hungry and so back by the farmers market and on along the lake again home. Our excitement for the morning. Late morning.

Lightroom has been freezing since I installed it on the new hard drive and so I finally managed to track down a solution on the web. Turn off the graphics co-processor on the video card. Bingo! Still fast, but now it works, the critical element, you understand: it works. The graphics co-processor. I wonder if I'd had this same error on the first Windows 10 go round before the hard drive failed and I just don't remember. Doesn't matter. It works.

And so evening approaches. Packed up the failed boot drive after testing it again to see if I could find any data on it (I couldn't) and walked down to drop it off at the UPS shop on Grand. Good. Done and gone. Another item checked off the list.

Evening. Nothing on television, so we'll take a look at the tablet and see if we can get to lights out and to sleep before ten. Not too early or we'll get up too early while it's still dark. Don't want to walk any of the Oakland streets carrying a camera in the dark.

The photo up top was taken of the Ginga Mundo group practicing over my Lake Merritt this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.