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December 11, 2015

To Stop

Friday. None of the sleep-awake-sleep business last night, but a decent night's rest after lights out by ten and awakening at seven. OK. Probably tired after these last few days and so the body did what was needed. Nothing to be overly concerned about in this, you understand, just mentioning. Noting. Babbling.

And the computer stuck at 99% all night long? It had rebooted and was displaying the Windows 7 login screen when I awoke. Not the Windows 10 login screen, but the Windows 7 login screen. OK, at least we have a computer that's working. The little Windows 10 upgrade icon is still sitting down at the right hand bottom of the screen and, when you open it, it still says I can upgrade to Windows 10, but it now adds a line saying it's checked the computer and the computer is ready! Well, we'll give it a shot again this evening, let it run overnight.

Rained last night, the streets wet, but the sky clearing and the sun coming up as I was walking to breakfast. A sunny day ahead, they're saying, with another storm due Sunday, a much larger one. The Tribune had an article saying the el Niño won't start feeding us storms until January, but we'll take whatever rain we can get from wherever it may come til then.

A good start to a new day, a new weekend tomorrow, we'll worry about the rain when it arrives, if it arrives, Sunday.

Later. A bus at eleven-thirty to Latham Square, taking a set of the usual pictures, a walk then to the bus stop, thinking I could check to see if the prescription refill I'd phoned in late yesterday was ready later tomorrow, no time to check today if I wanted to catch the next bus home. But the bus didn't come and so I gave up waiting, checked at the pharmacy for the prescription and is was ready. Good.

I'd been thinking I'd like to get a picture of the old Sears store, now that it was wrapped up in a light color plastic and so walked by the store, took the picture, then packed the camera in the backpack and headed on along Broadway to Grand. The old camera had been stolen on the sidewalk where I was walking, no need to tempt fate so soon after. I was thinking.

No bus and so a walk home, stopping at the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar and then by the apartment house construction site to take its set of pictures. Sunny day, bundled up in a sweater and a winter jacket, but a good choice until right at the very end when they became too warm. Too warm at one in the afternoon. No complaints, a good outing.

Windows 10 was finishing up its download as I got in, although it now says it's “preparing for installation”. I'd chosen the get ready, but don't start until I say so option, so I'm assuming it knows what it's doing and will stop when it's ready to install and let me tell it when to finish. I hope. (I really did choose the download only, but install later when I say so option. Right?)

Later still. The window popped open asking me if I wanted to do the Windows 10 install now or later. Good. It asked. Less good, I decided the hell with it and said go. It went. Went well. And now I'm running Windows 10 again and life should theoretically be swell hereafter.

I'd upgraded to Windows 10 when it was first released before the hard drive failed and it was interesting to see how this installation was different from that first one. Microsoft wanted to allow all kinds of feedback from the computer to Microsoft and added various software “features”, none of which were present in that first install. Makes you a little nervous. Big Brother has many names these days and one of them, one must suspect, starts with the letter “M”.

The balcony door has been wide open for the last two hours to cool down the apartment a bit, as it had gotten too warm with the sun streaming in this morning and through the early afternoon. Interesting, here in December. Did this happen very often in prior years? I suspect it did and I just can't recall. Memory again.

Evening. Loading more software and tracking down device drivers for Windows 10. Some device drivers aren't available, but so far none that are all that important. More to do, we'll do them as they're needed.

Watched last night's episode of Elementary on the tablet in the late afternoon having forgotten it was broadcast last night. Why I like it and yet find so many other programs of little to no interest I can't tell you, but who cares? Not I, even though I bring the question up suspiciously often.

The PBS station that runs New Tricks is evidently no longer in fund raising mode, so we watched another episode we've seen before. Again, who cares why? The Dalziel and Pasco that followed lost me about ten minutes or so in and so headed to bed. Nothing new (heading for bed). Quite a bit of babbling this day, though, we're well beyond the time to stop.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast this morning by the now closed Grand Fare Market with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.