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Here In Oakland

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December 10, 2015


Thursday. To bed by nine, but to sleep well after ten, the night a series of half awake, half asleep, episodes. At least that's my memory of it. Still, wide awake at six to get up and turn on the computer, having set the update feature to kick off at eight while I was at breakfast. No hope it would work after failing so many times yesterday, but you never know and so you try. He said.

Took my time getting ready. It had rained last night, but the sky looked relatively clear (overcast, yes, but breaks in the clouds that didn't look like immediate rain) and so a walk to breakfast not long after seven.

Noted the change in gas prices and so crossed the street to take the usual pictures after breakfast, looking at the watch and deciding to take the bus back home, due as it was in less than five minutes. Probably could have walked in the time I waited, but no regrets.

Edited yesterday's entry, flinching at the number of, well, “typos” I hadn't caught yesterday (not sure how I do that, the brain obviously in a fog), posted the entry and then checked the Windows update. It had worked, downloading and installing whatever number of Windows 7 update files! Started the Windows 10 update and it started the download! Hadn't been able to get it to start yesterday. Ha! Still, we'll see if it then starts the installation when it finishes the download. Excitement here in Oakland on an overcast, going to be a rainy day (pretty soon) in Oakland.

Evening. The Windows 10 download ran for over two hours before it started installation, the installation running until it seemed to finish, logged itself off and then going into installation, do not turn off the computer, mode. This started at around one in the afternoon and it's been sitting at “99% done, don't turn off the computer” now until well into the evening, some seven hours.

I did check online to see if other people have been having this problem and came up with some three hundred people who'd experienced this on a Microsoft forum. Some said just wait, it can take hours. We'll let is sit at 99% overnight and hope for the best tomorrow morning.

Otherwise an uneventful day, a fair amount of time watching this and that on the tablet, nothing I wanted to see on T.V. other than Democracy Now, a program I'd listened to on the radio when I got up this morning. Computers. A boon or an affliction?

The photo up top was taken of the Avévista apartments along Grand earlier this week with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.