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Here In Oakland

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December 19, 2014

Or Ten

Friday. And yes, we did watch Elementary last night, right through the hour, all of the improbable story line and interminable advertising breaks. No excuses, no complaints. We did it, we'll take the hit.

Up with the alarm on a rainy morning, although relatively dry while driving to and back from breakfast. The price of regular has dropped an additional four cents a gallon after yesterday's four cent drop, the price of the other grades remaining the same. And so a walk across the street for pictures.

Home to struggle with yesterday's entry. Reads as if it were written at the last minute by an idiot. We decided at some point to put this out there, decided some time ago to put this out there, even though I was then employed and thereby playing to some degree with fire. Large corporations don't like employees with odd hobbies and habits unpredictably displaying themselves to the world.

You're exaggerating.

You never really know. I doubt anyone currently employed, who wants to keep their job, does more than keep a low profile Facebook page. There are exceptions, but they tend to be writers in a publishing related business where such behavior is better understood.

Later. A good hour plus nap. Feel better. Need to go downtown to take care of that prescription screwup, we'll let the world reassemble, let the noon hour lunch crowd thin and then go get it done.

Later still. Rain. Steady rain. Get wet if you walk in it rain and so we skipped picking up the pills, we'll go do it tomorrow (rain or not).

Spent the rest of the day futzing with the computer as my Chrome browser suddenly stopped working. It will come up, but won't load any web sites. Checked a number of web sources using Internet Explorer (all the other browsers work just fine) finding the problem as well as variations of the problem, but none of the suggested solutions have worked.

Maybe for the best. I've been screwing around with some of the more esoteric things you can do with your computer lately (various forms of encryption and such) and maybe, by screwing the pooch, it will force me to get back under the hood. Haven't done a lot with a Windows desktop since I retired.

Evening. A New Tricks at seven, another two Midsomer Murders starting at eight, maybe watch the one and skip the next, go to bed early after getting to bed too late last night.

You had a pretty good nap this morning to make it up.

Let's not think about that and hope we can trick ourselves to sleep before nine. Or ten.

The photo was taken Saturday afternoon at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland with the Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.