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December 18, 2014

Approaching Ten

Thursday. Various attempts to watch this movie and that on the tablet last night without avail, so lights out by ten and a decent night's sleep, awakening before the alarm. So good, I suspect. Home to hurriedly post yesterday's entry before heading out again for an annual dermatology exam. End of year, time for annual exams.

And so a drive to the appointment to find a parking space right off the bat, up to the fifth floor to be examined square inch by square inch, the doctor saying all is well: no changes, nothing too ugly to worry about. And so another good added to the list, I suspect.

Home now to think about going downtown to fix the prescription refill I picked up yesterday. The doctor's assistant had phoned in the wrong dosage for the refill and I'm to go to the pharmacy to see what they'd worked out. A 10-20 dosage instead of the 10-40 dosage I've been taking since the beginnings of time. Don't ask me 10-40 of what, but evidently the difference matters and needs to be addressed.

Later. A bus downtown to the pharmacy. They'd talked with the doctor's office, but hadn't quite figured out how they were going to resolve it yet. We talked, we decided to augment the 10-20 with the additional 20mg of whatever that is and I said I'd pick it up tomorrow. Takes time, these things, particularly when you're getting old(er) and crank(ier) and less wonderful in lines.

They didn't make you wait in a line.

We take a broader view of waiting and lines. Sometimes the situation taps into phobias we're not aware of hidden back in the mind.

Over to the bagel shop for a bagel sandwich and small coffee, sitting out at a table this time. No pictures taken while sitting at the table. Back on a bus to Grand to then walk home, passing by the apartment house construction site to take pictures, the workers caught again on their noon hour lunch break.

Home. OK: lie down for a nap or go by the card shop on Lakeshore to pick up a Christmas card for my nephew? I need to get this done. A walk to the card shop, stopping on the way at Dryers for two scoops of ice cream in a cup. Needed the breather. A card now in hand ready to be mailed tomorrow on the way to breakfast. It will arrive before Christmas. This is good. I believe I was late the last time.

A snapshot passing by the lake, a dose of the pain meds when I got home, the sinuses and palate acting up on the walk. Probably not acting up enough to actually talk with someone later this month about it, but enough to turn over the thought.

Evening. A mixed bag of watching this and that on television and tablet, none of them holding my interest for more than fifteen minutes, that and the guitar. Not a lot of time on the guitar, but not a little either, and so the evening has gone. Last week I didn't wait up to watch Elementary at ten, but I'm wide awake at the moment and it's approaching ten.

The photo was taken Saturday afternoon at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland with the Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.