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Here In Oakland

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December 17, 2014

The Costumes

Wednesday. A decent night, I'd say. Lights out by ten, up with the alarm, awake but once in the middle of the night to turn over and go back to sleep. This is good. A good start to whatever this day may become.

A light rain heading over to breakfast after a night of rain, they're saying more through the weekend, although the sun has just briefly poked through a break in the clouds as I write. Maybe a walk later. Nothing major, mind you, but some time outside for a picture and some exercise.

A bath and then an attempt at a nap. See if I did get enough sleep last night. The motor starts slowly when you're retired (drifting now into babble) so a chalk mark to the positive side of the board.

Later. A bus downtown to pick up a prescription refill and get lunch over at the City Center, thoughts of a turkey and Swiss cheese bagel sandwich coming to mind. Picked up the refill, had the sandwich inside the bagel shop this time, as the weather was a bit cold, and the tables were wet from the earlier rain.

So good. Some sun as I walked back along Broadway and then home along Grand. A decent walk, a couple of pictures of the apartment house construction site as the workers there were having lunch. Back to the apartment to process the pictures and experiment again with another nap. Close, but no dice. Cigar. What's the cliché to use here that's not too much a cliché?

Nothing on television. Nice and somewhat surprising to hear Obama decided to recognize Cuba. It's only about fifty years overdue. IMHO.

Evening. I suspect we shall take a look at the tablet pretty soon. Nothing on television, it's getting a little chilly, I've spent enough time on the guitar and the Korean soap that runs on Wednesday and Thursday nights is quite impossible to countenance, with or without the costumes.

The photo was taken Saturday afternoon at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland with the Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.