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December 16, 2014

Sleep This Night

Tuesday. A miserable attempt at sleep last night. How many times did I awake? Or zoned out/dozed off between awakenings, not really a deep sleep? Awake an hour before the alarm. Wide awake, no way to get back to sleep for that last hour and so up early to finish yesterday's entry and post it before heading off to breakfast.

Some sun out there now, but rain clouds too and they're saying more rain later today and through the weekend. Over eight inches of rain here in Oakland so far this month. No complaints. I don't have to feel as guilty when turning on the water in the kitchen. Well, “guilty”. Let's say aware. Don't have to be quite as aware when we're running water.

I'm still fairly wide awake, the sinuses quiescent, nothing like yesterday's marathon. Be interesting to see how this plays out, although I can't see avoiding a nap, a long nap, pretty soon. It will arrive all at once, I suspect. One minute awake, the head hits the pillow like a block of cement in the next.

Later. I did lie down for a while, but there was no drifting off to sleep and so got up to walk over to the apartment house construction project to take pictures. Nice out there: sun, the temperature good, the head clear as a bell, the vision sharp. No dry mouth, felt just right. (Weird after yesterday was the thought.)

Since a bus happened along as I was returning by the stop I decided to go downtown, go by the bank (go inside, as their vandalized ATM on Broadway was still off line) and then walk to the City Center for a cup of coffee. Which I did.

Not many people in the City Center at eleven-thirty in the morning, but a spot of sun was shining on the table I prefer in front of the bagel shop and so a fruit cup and coffee before heading back. A bus to Grand and then a walk back to the apartment, not stopping this time for an ice cream bar. I've put on a couple of pounds this last month, best to nip it now before it settles in. A good sign that I've developed more of an appetite though. No complaints about that.

Some guitar? I think. Mess with the web sites? Might. The afternoon ahead. They're still saying possible thunder storms for later and through the weekend, but it's approaching one and the sun is still out.

Later still. Rain starting not long after three this afternoon and so our day of sun is done. Feel pretty good for what I'm still assuming was very little sleep last night, the sinuses quiescent (reasonably quiescent) and so some time spent futzing around with various stuff, cleaning this, filing that. Always a good sign when things appear to get done.

Evening. Watched the last episode in the series of that Korean soap I've foolishly admitted to watching, all of the various protagonists riding happily into the sunset with their pianos, violins, bassoons and such and so we waded on through the first half of Charlie Rose to listen to his interview with Naomi Klein in the second half of the program. Climate change and our screwed up business/political system easily attract my attention.

Then to bed. Let's see if we can sleep this night.

The photo was taken Saturday afternoon at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland with the Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.