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December 15, 2014

It's Dark

Monday. Some difficulty getting to sleep last night after watching the tenth and last episode of Marco Polo in bed on the tablet. Enough Marco Polo for the while. Clearly raining last night from the sound of it, raining lightly when I headed out for breakfast after getting up with the alarm. Not enough sleep is the guess, but we'll see soon enough.

An appointment with the pulmonary doctor this morning at half past ten. A bit of an ocular event started after I got home as I was sitting at the computer. OK. Not sure where that came from, go lie down and listen to the news on the radio for a while, let it pass. It wasn't one of the over the moon to another planet events, just the sparkly blob forming, floating in the left eye along with some vision difficulties and the mouth dry. Passed in about forty minutes after lying down.

So we'll head out soon. Feel OK, the vision solid, none of the ocular effects. There's a group that's chained themselves to the entrance of the police building on Broadway below the City Center area. I need to drive to Broadway, but then north to the appointment and not south where all this is going on. So there shouldn't be a delay. Hey.

You sure?

No, but pretty sure, it's a good twenty blocks away.

Later. An easy drive to the appointment to go over the pulmonary test I'd taken last month, some blockage in the air passages, but nothing that seems to be getting in the way, a decent enough result. So a good luck, come back if you again experience symptoms, but no need to make another appointment. Picked up a celebratory ice cream bar on the way back for the easy drive if not the result.

To essentially crawl into bed, experience some lighter but noticeable ocular symptoms again. Up after having drifted into an hour or so of actual sleep to a steady rain and sinuses that were again acting up. We'll take a dose of the meds and hope they work.

I'm pretty sure they've canceled the candle light march around the lake at five, what with the rain and a notice of cancellation on Facebook. Might be wrong, but it is raining, a steady rain, not the sort of thing that would bring people out. So we'll see what we can do for the rest of the day, some time on the guitar sounds about right. Once we've deep sixed this sinus crap.

Later still. Spent time with the guitar, added three more pictures to the Black Lives Matter sections on the web sites and laid down again to start another movie on the tablet. The sinuses haven't stopped (so much for that one day they were quiet), it's raining and the day stumbles along.

Evening. They evidently did turn out with candles in the rain at five down by the lake for a Ferguson march as there were pictures of it on Twitter. No way I was going out in the rain with a camera, not after dark, not even if I were clear headed and the sinuses weren't acting up. We are cranky and a little addled, but we aren't quite that stupid yet. There'd be no problem with the people demonstrating, it's the walking over and back alone packing the cameras after dark.

Watched another episode of the Korean soap that runs on Monday and Tuesday nights. As I've mentioned it has all the things I find unwatchable in Korean “soaps”, but treats those very aspects with cartoonish humor and makes them work. For me anyway.

Nothing on television I wanted to watch after that, although I did start the Inspector Morse episode that came on at nine. Again, I find I can no longer sympathize with the character, although I'm sure I watched all of these episodes with some interest in the distant past. I wasn't as cranky discerning in the distant past.

To bed. The sinuses are still playing tennis, doubles, and I don't feel all that tired, but we'll sort it out in the morning. It's nine o'clock and it's dark.

The photo was taken Saturday afternoon at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland with the Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.