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December 14, 2014

The Better Side

Sunday. Another raucous evening of watching a Netflix series (Marco Polo, we still haven't finished it yet) on the tablet, getting to sleep late. Yes late. Up without the alarm at about five after six, off to breakfast on a clear now sunny morning, a nice day ahead.

I noticed for the first time my nose didn't start running while eating. I've been wondering if the sinus situation would ever somehow right itself and if a runny nose brought on by eating (hot or cold food, doesn't seem to matter) that stops the minute you clear it was an indication of progress. This morning the sinuses feel fine and for the first time no blowing the nose after breakfast. Saves a lot of paper napkins with meals, let me tell you.

You need to talk about blowing your nose over breakfast?

Perhaps I'm overly sensitive about bringing it up, but breakfast was a breakthrough if that's what's happening. Of course there's lunch coming up. The sinuses feel OK at the moment, but they're capable to coming back at the drop of a, well, cliché, as is their habit.

Working on the photographs. There's fewer good ones than I first thought, but then that seems to be my norm, I'm afraid: looking good at first and then crapping out and carping.

Later. A break in working on the photographs to walk over to the lake to see if there were any interesting ducks within shooting distance (talking cameras now remember), but finding nothing but Coots, a lone Snowy Egret and the usual gulls and ducks. So one or two pictures before returning to the apartment. At least the sun was out. Not overly warm, but then not all that cold either.

More work on the photographs, finishing up at five in the afternoon having taken a break and watched another chapter of Marco Polo on the tablet while lying down. Needed a break. But again, five in the afternoon and the images are posted.

Evening. Nothing on television, the public stations are mired in their interminable money raising drives. To bed early. A slightly runny nose after eating dinner (pasta with red clam sauce again), so my sinuses are clearing fantasy is probably a fantasy, but the sinuses themselves have been quiet. Not unnoticeable, but quiet throughout the day without even thinking about resorting to pain meds or sacrificing goats to the nose gods or burning incense. Which is good. Chalk one up to the better side of the tally board.

The photo was taken yesterday afternoon at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland with the Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.