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Here In Oakland

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December 13, 2014

How It Ends

Saturday. I got into a new Netflix series yesterday and watched it well into the night. No excuse. Up with the alarm without a problem and off to breakfast on a clear morning, the sun shining as I'm writing this at nine. Looks good. The day has started well. I hope.

There's another Ferguson support march scheduled for two this afternoon at the Oakland City Hall and a candle-lit procession around Lake Merritt scheduled for Monday at five, so there's stuff going on to photograph. Maybe get in a nap now and prepare. We need the pictures.

Later. An hour's nap with about forty minutes sleep, up to prepare to catch a bus downtown to photograph whatever was going to happen at Frank Ogawa (Oscar Grant) Plaza, going by the ATM on the way as I had but eleven cents in my pocket. Not feeling great, the sinuses out of whack, even after taking a large dose of the pain meds before setting out. Still not sure they have any effect.

OK, off the bus at Broadway to the ATM, only to find a sign that said it had been vandalized and wasn't in use. Hmm. Eleven cents wasn't going to buy a lot of coffee. The demonstration and march were set to kick off at two, it was one fifteen, so another bus (that just happened to come along) to the City Center to have coffee and a pastry out in front of the bagel shop. They take bank cards.

Over to the Plaza, a crowd now well on the way to forming. I'd run into a Longshoreman who was waiting for the bus at my stop who asked if I were going to the demonstration when he saw the camera, he a representative of his union, and so the crowd showed the organizational effect of having union support. People milling about, a lot of people now, augmented by others who'd gathered at different locations and converged on the Plaza before the entire group set off for wherever. I, even in good shape, don't go off to wherever.

A run to catch a passing bus, a last photograph through the bus window and back to the apartment to look through the pictures. Easily enough for a section of twenty-one, more probably two sections, we won't push it to three. I'd brought one camera with the 24-120mm f 4.0 lens as a compromise over the usual two with a 24-70mm and a 70-200mm lens and I would have done better in taking the two. I'm interested in people's faces and that's what the 70-200mm lens delivers. This is lesson I've learned many times.

So, time on the pictures, a good way to end a day. There's a movie I might watch on public television at eight, maybe I'll stay up that late.

Evening. An ocular event coming on as I was working with the photographs. Finally figured out what was going on and went to lie down in bed, but this was a strong one, the first in a while. Makes me think of the three drinks I'd had night before last. No apparent after effects the next day, but I've had these ocular things on the day after in the past. Not an inducement to get me back to the occasional evening drink. He said.

Skipped watching Amadeus at eight. Liked it when I first saw it when it was released, don't need to watch it again. To bed and (I suspect) the tablet. I've been watching their just released original Marco Polo series. It's uneven, but it has lots of naked women scampering about and enough weird Genghis Kahn political machinations to keep me coming back. Not what it could have been, but not quite a clinker either. But we're in the middle of it. Let's see how it ends.

The photo was taken this afternoon at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland with the Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.