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December 12, 2014

At That

Friday. We'll stop talking about getting to bed early and just hang it up. I didn't watch Elementary last night at ten, but I did get into a Netflix movie on the tablet that finished up after eleven. To sleep whenever after that and up with the alarm with no problem, but still. It obviously doesn't matter enough to me to stop all this late night-early night stuff. So we'll stuff a sock in any more talking about it.

Until tomorrow?

At least.

To breakfast and back, some slight rain, but nothing like yesterday morning. Had breakfast, read the papers, noted that there seemed to be people inside of the apartment house construction site, so they're still getting work done in the rain. I wondered about that when I said they'd hung it up yesterday in the downpour. Best to check before you say such things.

We'll see if we get out the door for a walk this morning. I'm sure I will if it isn't raining very hard. There's an obvious need here to flee that cannot be denied (in other than thunderstorms).

Later. As expected a slow morning what with the less than wonderful sleep last night. A walk over to the construction site in a light rain to confirm there were workers inside the structure from the banging sounds, a couple of pictures because that's all there was to see, back to the apartment for a nap.

I did run the Protime blood test late in the morning and it came in pretty close to target. Which is good. The nurse at my doctor's office was pleased. I did note with a photograph after breakfast that gas prices for regular had dropped below the three dollar mark this morning. I track the thing, might as well mention the fact in addition to posting a picture. And, what else? Oh, the 24-70mm lens has arrived at Nikon and there's no longer any reason to worry over the fact I hadn't insured the package. They're pretty good about not losing the things. So good.

Up now after another nap to see some patches of blue sky. No direct sun at the moment, but it's stopped raining. And I'm hungry but can't think of anything I'm willing to eat. Which means things are cooking right along in their normal daily course. What counts as normal, anymore.

Later still. A walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar and one of the small three-shot bottles of Jack Daniels. What the hell, he said. Or mumbled.

Evening. Nothing on television. Another Midsomer Murders at eight. There was one last night that I got about ten minutes into before bailing out. I suspect I've watched enough Midsomer Murders for the season, if there's a season.

I did watch last night's Elementary this afternoon on the computer. Not sure why, but I watched. No question of skipping it. I could as easily write a screed as to why you wouldn't want to watch the damned thing as write one as to why you would, as I myself have religiously done, so we'll leave it at that.

The photo of Lake Merritt was taken from last year's December 12th entry, shot then with the Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.