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December 11, 2014

The Day After

Thursday. Lights out not long after nine, to sleep about ten and so another decent night's sleep getting up with the alarm on a stormy, rainy, windy Thursday morning. As the weather people were suggesting. It's now eight-thirty, yesterday they were saying the really heavy part of the storm would arrive about ten, more so north of here up in Napa and Marin.

It wasn't flooded by my morning restaurant, just a few people parked on the street and one or two damp looking people inside having coffee, breakfast not starting until seven. Read the papers over breakfast and headed home in the dark. Maybe a nap now that I'm back. No construction site pictures contemplated or necessary, I suspect they're all still at home with their feet up. Good plan for the morning, I think I'll give it a shot.

Later. That was interesting. Lie down, drift for a bit and then awaken three hours later with what seems to have been a good, solid two plus hours sleep. After getting to bed at what I thought was a decent hour last night, lights out well before ten, up with the alarm. How much sleep do you need at this age? More than I'm getting. We'll monitor it (more closely). We will. (After all, there's not a lot else to do around here.)

Later still. Raining and so the day has been spent inside. Put another construction site section up on the web sites, probably best to have delayed and used better images. Makes you think about what you're doing, though. Good, bad and more particularly why.

Evening. Nothing on television. I've not been able to reliably receive the twenty-four hour French news station, the signal has been breaking up, so what I usually have playing in the background is no longer available. Might have to get some kind of cable or another (better) antenna. Don't want to commit to Comcast or Dish or any of the others for the little they (in my case) deliver.

Another Elementary episode this evening at ten, but I'm going to go with an early lights out, watch the thing tomorrow on the computer. This sleep thing needs to be addressed. Quite a bit of sinus upset this afternoon, I took a dose of the pain meds finally, but they really didn't seem to have an effect. At least they don't appear to be addictive, take them or leave them, and they don't seem to cause any side effects.

They list one of them as sleepiness. You talk about tiredness.

My sister suggesting the side effects can kick in as you get older got me thinking about it. Worth checking, I suspect. I've cut down, might go cold turkey to see the result. Tomorrow. Or the day after.

The photo of the apartment house construction site up top was taken on September 24th with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.