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December 10, 2014

A Drought

Wednesday. I did turn the lights out last night before nine and, although I probably didn't get to sleep until ten, I still got what seems to have been a good night's sleep. We'll see if that makes any difference in the way the day will run. Might. One can hope.

Otherwise, up five minutes before the alarm to head out to breakfast and back, taking note of the four cent drop to $3.01 per gallon for regular gas this morning. Two cents away from breaking three. Interesting, I guess. The ups and downs all around us. It was $3.61 one year ago on this day, $4.19 on this day just last June.

And that's worth mentioning?

Let us not get into the value of mentioning this or that lest we ask too many embarrassing questions about one's little habits. We're just, you know, cruising along and taking the occasional photograph, no cosmic aspects implied.

Later. Not so bad now that it's afternoon. Some funky sinus stuff, but nothing like yesterday's off the wall adventure, a walk over to the construction site to take the usual set of pictures (yes, no more rebar and cement to support the next three floors, everything will now be done with lumber framing, said the construction foreman when I happened to run into him and asked), back to the apartment to package my 24-70mm lens that's wanted attention now for some time. No need to put it off any longer.

A walk to the local UPS store to send the lens to Nikon and then on to the morning café for a grilled cheese sandwich, potato salad and coffee. A walk then back to the apartment still feeling OK. Again, much better than yesterday, lots of sleep last night, but a dose of the pain meds when I got home just in case.

Now for more cleaning up around the computer and tackling the mail pile. A good sign when you tackle the mail pile. Better yet if you get rid of some of it. He said. Hup.

Later still. A dry-foul-whatever tasting mouth, arriving while lying down and taking a good hour to pass. I'm not sure you ever get used to this crap. It's better now that it's late afternoon, by evening it will probably be gone, the usual routine. Yes, yes, we'll go over it with the two (or is it three?) various doctors we have appointments with this month.

Evening. Pretty much zip on television, so to bed early again. Which is good. They say we're getting one hell of a rain storm tomorrow morning, the Oakland (Marin and San Francisco) schools have announced they'll be closed just in case. I wonder if we'll get flooding down Grand by the theater and by my morning café as we've gotten in the past? I'd forgotten it does that. Not all that uncommon when we're not in the middle of a drought.

The photo up top (no, I have no idea what it's about) was taken this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.