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December 20, 2014

Figgy Pudding

Saturday. I did get to bed early, watched some of this or that on the tablet, but then got to sleep at a decent hour and so earned a gold star to put on the good side of the ledger. Not that we keep a ledger.

Up with the alarm. Somewhat slowly, we debated the alternatives, but up and out the door in good fettle after waiting for something like ten minutes for the last two newspapers to be delivered. Can't set out for breakfast without all the papers under the arm.

Overcast, dark, but not raining. We'd best take care of that prescription screw up sooner than later in case it starts again. They say more likely this afternoon, but it looks as if it may have thoughts of its own.

Saturday, nothing on the calendar or schedule, but we'll do what we can to get out the door and maybe find one or two pictures. We haven't been very good lately with the pictures.

Or prose.

We shall not mention the prose.

Later. Colder than I thought out there, but a winter coat was enough to get me on a bus and on to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription fix (out of pocket $17 for the doctor's error) and catch the next bus home. Various thoughts of stopping somewhere to get something to eat, hungry so soon after breakfast, but nothing appealed and so we'll let the thought simmer until later.

Back down toward one-fifty on the scale this morning, so the two or three pounds I put on over these last several weeks are dissolving. Leaving. Going wherever they're going, doing whatever they do.

I did figure out how to bend the circular rabbit ears for the television set to start properly receiving the 24 hour French news station again. They don't look like rabbit years, more a circle, but the base allows it to bend in odd directions and that was all that was needed. Happy about that, less happy it took me a week to notice the adjustment.

Later still. An hour's nap, good, a walk then over through the farmers market and then on to the ATM just to get out of the apartment. Overcast, but not all that cold, carrying a camera in hand (of course), but for some reason not a single photograph.

A yogurt mix with various berries, raisins and such in a cup with a small coffee out at a table in front of the bagel shop on Lakeshore, a walk then to the yogurt shop for two scoops of ice cream and a topping. It's the Christmas season, it's cold out there (for California), more than enough of an excuse to pack in ice cream and sugar.

Home now as it approaches three. They're saying a good chance of clear weather from now through the end of the week. No rain, at least. Some slight chance for Christmas Eve. We can do that.

The sinuses are acting up, but nothing over the top, the attitude is good and there's still the day ahead. What to do? The Chrome browser still doesn't work, maybe we'll play around more with it. I'm wondering if it's just a one-off event or if something more interesting has happened. More probably a one-off. I'm sure I did something I shouldn't have done. Happens.

Evening. Rock Scully's obituary was in the Chronicle this morning, the original manager of the Grateful Dead. I don't believe I'd ever met him, but I learned recently that it was Scully who, in 1982, arranged doctor and hospital care for Dave Sheridan in his fight with cancer and that he shouldn't worry about his lack of insurance as they would take care of the expenses. So, Mr. Scully, I bow my head in hearing of your passing, Dave was a good friend. A decent man, Mr. Scully; a decent band.

Lying down on the bid I hear singing in the near distance. What? A party? A look out the window to find them down on the sidewalk just across the lane. A picture without a flash, thinking that wasn't going to work, and so taking one with a speed light attached from the balcony, before finally just going downstairs to get close. Not quite what I might have wanted, the posing, expressions and such, but more than a touch of the season visiting here in the neighborhood. It's beginning to look a lot like..., well, you understand.

Nothing on television, nothing I want to watch on the tablet, so we'll head to bed and think about the season, carolers and figgy pudding. That should ease me to sleep.

The photo was taken last Saturday afternoon at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland with the Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.