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December 27, 2012

Indeed Going Dead
Thursday. I did get to bed early, but it took some time to get to sleep. Did I sleep lightly during those first three hours, awakening briefly to think I hadn't really been sleeping at all, dropping off to wake up again with the same thought? I'm not sure, but up this morning at seven feeling just fine for all the self analysis, heading off to breakfast and back like a good little robot comfortably running in his rut. Well, what the hell: if it's going well, it's going well.

Do you even know what “going well” means out there where the real world exists?

I guess I could go hike up the mountain to ask the old guy with the beard, but I've never been much into climbing, what with the dizzying heights, the grizzly bears and the blisters.

I believe there's a body of literature devoted to exactly that.

Well, back now at the apartment with the laundry well under way. Editing yesterday's entry was cumbersome, I'm not sure why I ramble on for so long or why I give up editing before it quite makes sense. Probably another side of the we don't climb no mountains syndrome. Still, the sun is out and, once that laundry is done (in another couple of hours), we're off to the City Center. No hills, no mountains, just a trip in a half comfortable seat on a bus (often with unique and interesting companions) while packing a camera.

Later. Laundry done and folded (except for the socks, we'll get to the socks), the bed made and then, checking the time, I saw the wrist watch had stopped. Hmm. I've had this watch now with its original battery for at least the last two years, about enough time for the battery to die, although jiggling it a bit started it going again. OK, another good reason to head downtown, get it replaced, put some purpose in the step because once stopped, it will surely stop again.

Arriving at the bus stop early I decided to walk to the morning café for an apple turnover, vanilla ice cream and a lemonade before heading downtown, wondering, as I was sitting out there at a table, if I could possibly be overdoing the sugar. I know, silly thought, but strange thoughts come when you're sitting out bare headed in the sun.

Caught the bus downtown from the café to walk to a shop I've gone to before to replace watch batteries and the woman took it into the back before returning to say she'd been unable to access the battery. Oh. OK. It's still working, still keeping time, maybe I'd somehow jiggled the stem and stopped the action and the battery is still good. That, of course, being wishful thinking, it will no doubt stop soon enough at exactly the wrong moment, but we now have another good reason to head downtown tomorrow (to find another jeweler): lose one, win one.

One picture during the trip taken as I was getting off the bus (a second for perspective). A bit better weather than we were having yesterday on a day your battery went dead.

Evening. Nothing on television at six, so I spent the time between the guitar and futzing with the computer burning an audio CD for my guitar lesson tomorrow. Enjoyed myself just puttering around.

I'm adding this in the morning, not quite remembering how early I got to bed, but sometime after nine. Or ten. Odd to say you can't remember but twelve hours later, you'd think your batteries were indeed going dead.

The photo up top was taken last night with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.