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December 28, 2012

It Sounds Nice
Friday. It occurred to me, just after posting yesterday's entry, that I did remember how yesterday's evening ended. The Elementary Sherlock Holmes episode I've been staying up to watch these last several weeks turned out to be another repeat and so I got to bed right after ten. A good night's sleep, as I awoke with the alarm and never looked back, the day a rainy looking overcast, but dry.

I did, however, spend quite a bit of time reworking yesterday's entry, trying to turn mindless babble into mindful babble. Or is it mindful babble into mindless babble? There are many ways you can approach it to attempt to find where the truth may lie. What is mindful versus mindless in the writing craft? And why do I find myself in these blind alleys in only the second paragraph?

The guitar lesson coming up after ten, time to tune the guitar and maybe run quickly through the lesson.

Later. That quarter that's been sitting out on that patio table for these last three months (up top) is still sitting out there in the same place untouched (and why should it not?), my performance inside reasonably good on the finger picking riffs, much less so with the Taxman chord changes and my saying “less” is being generous. We'll see how the rest of the day goes, I'm a little tired of not making the mark with the chords for reasons I repeat but find unconvincing. Play, my man, play the damned chords, won't hurt a bit.

A run by the market to buy many things to include one or two that may get me in trouble (Jack Daniels in the larger size fifth, for a start), so we'll know if this is a mistake after the New Year starts. Doesn't have to end badly if I make my decisions with a head that's screwed on reasonably tight. That night.

Later still. So I ate a bunch of the stuff that I'd brought home and then lay down for a while to take what turned into an hour's nap, up thinking, well, OK, what's next? No ocular this or thats, even though I'd eaten quite a few crackers and the evil cheddar cheese, maybe just sit here for a while, wait and babble.

Evening. A decent time on the guitar watching the Wallander at six, one that I found absorbing and a little disturbing, at least it put me on edge. I'm sure any and all thoughts I may have are a reflection of my own inhibitions-fears-interests more than the story line, the old Rorschach blot that looks like a (fill in the blank), but it's nice to have one come along now and then that holds your interest.

I've been working on the chords, playing along with the Taxman recording, the problem is in going quickly and accurately between two pairs of chords where the fingering is more complicated and the only way to learn is to repeat, repeat, repeat. I know this particular lesson well and it's time I spent the time and surprised my guitar instructor. Hup! And the rest of that. Not so bad to get the bug again, follow through, learn to play the damned guitar. (Hup!)

Have no idea what's on for the rest of the evening, but to bed at a decent hour to see what the weekend brings. New Year's coming up Tuesday, maybe think of something to photograph on the Monday night, not something I've done in more time than I can remember, could remember even when the memory was good.

You won't do a thing.

No, but it sounds nice.

The photo up top was taken this morning waiting on my music lesson to start with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.