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December 26, 2012

Sounded Half Sensible
Wednesday. Maybe yesterday's feeling of tiredness was indeed a psychological reaction to the day as I got to bed early again last night, before nine, and then got up with the alarm this morning feeling just fine and without a whiff of what I was terming “tired”. Off to breakfast and back, not realizing they were starting breakfast this morning at eight instead of their usual time at seven. They'd still opened as usual at six, serving coffee and such when I arrived not long after and so, since I'd read and finished all the papers, I didn't feed the meter and wait, leaving without breakfast.

They'd brought the usual coffee and complementary dish of fruit when I first arrived, but no waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries. No complaints: naught but a minor blip at the beginning of a day. I'll promise myself to do better in seeking out and reading the notices they tape up as warnings (not the first time they've adjusted their holiday hours) and sulk off into the sunset.

Another “forgetful” incident?

Nah. We'll chalk this one up to Kismet and the small lettering they used on their fliers.

A good eight hours sleep on top of something like ten or twelve hours the night before, so I assume we're all physically, if not psychologically, fit and rested. I usually wonder if I'm getting to sleep within a reasonable time when I go to bed early, an excuse I use to not go to bed early, but the next morning I don't remember much of any long periods before falling asleep.

I do remember turning over and looking at the clock a couple of times: to bed at nine, turn over toward the clock to see it's ten; turn over again later to see it was after midnight. I seem to be falling asleep, but awakening briefly because whatever side I'm sleeping on becomes sore, but I'm getting to sleep relatively quickly in between. Could be. Sounds good. We'll see how it goes again this evening.

They're saying a seventy percent chance of rain today and it was raining as I returned from breakfast, although there was also some sun coming through small breaks in the clouds. Maybe we'll be able to get out for a walk and take pictures, something I wasn't able to do yesterday, and maybe not. Some guitar though, I'd think. We've not been good so far with the guitar.

Later. A walk to the morning restaurant to get that breakfast, not sure why as I wasn't hungry, but habit is habit. The air clear and cool just after the rain, very few people along the lake, but I found myself taking pictures and wondering if I was actually seeing anything that needed a photograph or I was just, I don't know, in the mood to operate the shutter. Turned out to be six of one, half a dozen of another.

Still no urge to see Django Unchained, although I do favor Tarantino's movies, all of which have so far been odd to brilliant, off the wall and with the occasional burst of dialogue to kill for. There's a lot to kill for during the killing itself, but all of it is done with craft and flair. Just something about going to this one that's slowing me down. Not so much the plot, as I've heard it described, just a broad based antipathy lately to movies of most any kind.

As in these last few years.

I haven't lost every interest I once pursued with fervor, but some I have, some that were major players in the younger me, deedle-dee-dee. You live, you learn, you try to pay attention. Nothing needs to last forever (he said with perfect idiocy).

Anyway, there are things to do around here. It's now afternoon and the weather looks more chancy than it did earlier, probably more rain before the day is over. A good reason to hide inside and maybe continue with some of my ever ongoing projects. The energy level and the attitude seem good, they do, so there's no obvious obstacle. Hup.

Later still. For unknown reasons I set out again, this time for the downtown on the bus, the air outside cold, but with sun. A walk through the City Center deciding on a cup of turkey chili (I was thinking beef, but turkey was what they were serving) at the soup and salad shop, managing to eat a roll and about a quarter cup of the chili. Feel fine, tasted fine, but I just wasn't hungry. Same yesterday, ate like a mouse, the weight not having moved a pound in the last many months.

That's called success.

All this is new. I've never had the imagination to wonder how thin people remain thin, some thought about will power, but will power in the sense of someone like me who was then twenty to forty pounds overweight, not thinking their very reality was significantly different. Not that what I'm feeling right now is shared by others, but certainly it is different than I remember. No complaints, although as a subject it's probably better to shut your trap and change the subject.

Anyway, a walk then through Old Oakland and over through the Asian Cultural Center, good to see they've finished the fountain and it's online again, although I didn't stop to take a picture. Couldn't see one I haven't taken many times before. One shot I halfway liked, otherwise nothing to add to the collection.

A walk on through the downtown, too cold to sit outside at a table, no interest in sitting inside over coffee. For all that - no reason to head out, no reason to head back - in retrospect a decent enough outing, back now to listen to the news and tune the guitar. A wishy-washy day, but a good wishy-washy day for mindless babble.

Evening. We seem to have managed some guitar in these last couple of hours, playing all through one news program before the Australian East West 101 started at six, before playing again on through Spiral for the hour that followed, a French police procedural I've been much enjoying. There are good guys involved (I think), but they're surrounded by miscreants, malefactors and untrustworthy wart hogs, not a white shining knight with a badge to be found. Anyway, good for me, good for the time on the guitar, good for the fact some of the notes and chords at least sounded half sensible. (hup!)

The photo up top was taken passing under the Grand Lake Theater marquee this morning with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.