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December 25, 2012

A Little Sun Tomorrow
Tuesday. To bed last night around nine, up this morning after nine. My, my. Quite a night's sleep. No morning café today, so I read about half the papers in bed before getting up and taking a long bath. No need for haste on a Christmas Day, I'd say. Well, up at nine, dressed and coherent by noon. Would this be my day every day if I didn't routinely head out so early for breakfast? Might. A move to mornings that take three hours to start? Not quite yet.

It's overcast now and raining, so I'll get out for a walk later if only to find something to eat, the energy to get up out of this chair hasn't arrived yet. A bit of the blues on Christmas Day? Maybe, but more through lack of preparation than anything else.

What sort of preparations can you make?

Well, I was thinking about that. Not sure you can do much more than have something to eat in the kitchen, something to drink in the cupboard and maybe check the movie listings to see what's playing.

There's that Tarantino movie opening at the Grand Lake.

I'm not sure Tarantino is what's needed on Christmas.

Later still. A walk down to the 7-11 look-alike for a pint of ice cream - they were out of Häagen-Dazs, so I settled for a pint of Ben & Jerry's, a brand where I find it more difficult to decide on a flavor: Cherry Garcia? Strawberry Cheesecake? (dear god) - and the smallest bottle of Jack Daniels. Not sure about the Jack Daniels, but it will undoubtedly be welcomed later, as I'm sure I'll easily be able to convince myself that Jack will add light to the night.

The news is playing in the background. Nothing much happening other than the usual storms, assassinations, wars, boring speeches and hungry people in countries you can't reliably find on a map. Probably best to skip the news for the day, save it for one of the less spiritual days in the year: tomorrow, for example. For all that sleep I'm tired, the walk to the convenience store about as much exercise as was wanted. Kind of a sleepy without being able to sleep tired, something that seems to fit the day.

Evening. A Maigret I've not seen before (I don't think, there were some vaguely unreliable stirrings at the back of the brain) but don't need to see again, the situation interesting, the resolution unconvincing. Ah, well. Kept me watching right through to the unconvincing end, can't avoid that.

It's still early, but I'm thinking of going to bed. Still tired. Early to bed, early to rise, maybe there's something in it if you can manage the get to sleep. Always these little preconditions: no instructions, no diagrams, no manuals.

That's pretty spacey.

A spacey day at a spacey time of the year. Let's hope for a little sun tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at a pet shop checkout counter in March 2005 with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 AF Nikkor lens.