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Telegraph Avenue store window.
August 16th, 1999

New Page, Old Book
Done. An interesting adventure. I'm sitting here in the new apartment with boxes piled up everywhere and the computer cobbled together as best I am able, the phone company telling me the DSL line won't be installed until the 30th. They lost the original order. So I will post from the office in the mornings and try to download my email after I find the notebook with my list of passwords. Somewhere out there. In the boxes. I brought home a 28K US Robotics modem from work, but my Dial Up Networking is hosed from my rather rough switch from ISDN to DSL so I'll have to futz with that. What the hell, I'm a highly paid computer professional. I like this stuff. Really.

I did write an entry Friday, but packed the computer before I could scan Ola, at the office. an image and upload it, so I may put it up later. Can't let deathless prose not be posted. My mood is running on second best at the moment. Just the flow of the day, nothing really behind it, a little tired after work, but a good day. I walked to work this morning and returned up the hill with no apparent damage, so I'm walking until it rains and even then I might find a way to walk without getting too wet. Rubber shoes. I like the idea of walking. Put a little pep in me when I go out packing a camera bag shooting pictures so maybe I won't crap out after two hours. Crap out after three hours. Shoot an extra roll of film. No more overexposures. Like this one of Ola.

Mr. Wuss is scratching at my leg, wanting me to lift him up on the computer table so he can curl up on the keyboard. This is a good sign as he's been hiding out in the middle of the box pile ever since we arrived. Time to stop until tomorrow.

The banner photograph was taken through a store window on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. The picture of Ola was overexposed as we all returned from lunch.