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KPFA Protest march.
August 11th, 1999

That Is A Relief Must...pack...boxes. Must not goof off and write this, write this, write this.... (Tuesday, August 10th)

(Wednesday, August 11th) The storage container is packed and gone. I came home today at noon, dropping off my CPAP machine on the way (The little air pump and face mask I needed to sleep properly before the jaw operation, which, by the way, is aching like a son of a bitch at the moment.) and then packed five boxes at the apartment with very miscellaneous stuff and dropped them off at the new apartment on the way back to work. Did the same thing this evening, five boxes. I left the dishwasher running with four wine glasses inside to see if they would wash properly without breaking. No weird cracking clacking sounds. This is good. I will drop off another five boxes on the way in tomorrow and load the washer with the rest of the glasses if I don't find any damage.

A new apartment entirely empty except for some camera equipment, some computer CD's, dishes and wine glasses. Nice. A good feeling standing in the kitchen and realizing I have maybe twice the amount of cabinet space to play with now. Twice the counter space. Thoughts of cooking come to mind. This is a nice (for me) kitchen. I will probably live off frozen dinners and the microwave, but I don't know. I've cooked before, maybe I'll cook again.

MSW brought in the catnip plant this morning she's been growing as a housewarming gift Awwwwww. That's so fucking cute. and I put it out on the balcony of the new apartment during my noon visit. This is a gift of good luck and something that will keep Mr. Wuss distracted during his first weeks as an urbanite. It came with a nicely constructed wire mesh cover to protect it from cat attacks, but I think I'd better put it somewhere out of harm's way where it will still get the sun. Mr. Wuss likes his medicines. There must be some catnip reproductive advantage in getting crushed and gummed by the local cat population. Maybe they don't have cats out there where the wild catnip grows and an aroma that makes cats buggy will also make vampires skedaddle and woodchucks give it plenty of room. A reproductive advantage. But I doubt it. It wants cats. It has a plan.

Well, I have some boxes to pack. I finally got hold of my moving crew this afternoon and they are showing up Saturday morning at 8:00. That is a relief, let me tell you.

The photographs were taken at the KPFA Protest March in Berkeley.