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August 17th, 1999

I've put the records back up on their shelves and opened up some space on the living room floor. I believe it was Lucy who wrote of her experience with lp's and CD's and how the lp sound seemed noticeably nicer with all that analog trash in the background. I assume audiophiles still use tube amplifiers. Ever priced a tube amplifier? This gives me heart. If I were still playing music they'd sound better to me on lp than if I'd replaced them with the newer CD versions and not played them as well, giving me a good reason to feel smug about still owning the lot of them and not giving in to a garage sale. We who live in condominiums at the top of the hill like the better sound, don't you know, particularly those of us who now maybe buy a CD every month when they once averaged two lp records a week for over ten years. We who pack them with us when we move. I use the idiot rather than the editorial "we", of course?

For whatever reason the photographs I've run today and yesterday seem overexposed and out of focus. Beth, at the office. I'm going to have to pay more attention. With the move completed I can now think about getting out and exploring the new neighborhood with the camera. And, again, looking at the last black and white roll of film I shot, I'm maybe going to have to think about developing my own film. The contact sheets and the negative quality I get from the shop I use down the street seem good, but there's only one way to really be sure what's happening in the darkroom and that's to screw it up yourself. Black and white is no big deal as long as you remain anal about temperature control and development times. And watch the dust. And don't take it to my usual extremes. A couple of plastic developing tanks, a clock and a thermometer. Keep it simple.

No email yet, but I'll get around to it by this weekend. Get some sort of cobbled together connection up with the 28K modem. See how it feels to download some of these graphics I like so much. Maybe it will give me a needed dose of reality, although reality is the least of my interests at the moment. Get up in the morning, do the usual stuff, get home, write the journal entry, go to bed.

The banner photograph was taken at the Oakland City Center on the way to an OATS lunch, Andre presiding. The picture of Beth was taken on another lunch run. We're all pretty much into lunch.