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Here In Oakland

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August 30, 2016


Tuesday. Early to bed again last night, awakening at ten to six to get up in pretty good order to head out to breakfast, the overcast breaking up as I was walking. Going to be a sunny and warmer day, today. Which I assume to be good.

A long rambling entry yesterday, no hope to straighten it out with what little editing was invested when I got home. Can't complain. If it made a difference I'd make changes. But I don't or I won't or whatever it is that drives this journal along. After all these years it's still new territory. Has doing it come back to bite me in the past? Will it bite me in the future? No employers to freak out about it anymore. Sometimes though, as now, I wonder.

Had the avocado with Swiss cheese omelet for breakfast. Hopeless, this talking about avoiding cheese and such for the ocular stuff, so we'll stop talking about it. Probably until tomorrow, unless it comes back to bite me later this afternoon, in which case we'll continue the even for me mind numbing narrative.

Later. A walk to the pharmacy on Lakeshore to pick up a prescription refill, thought about stopping to have an ice cream sandwich and coffee at the café near the fitness center on the way home, but it was crowded and I opted instead to continue on. Handy, these crowded places, when you evidently want an excuse to skip having anything to eat, even if it's ice cream. I guess.

Otherwise the afternoon has gone by spending too much time watching and reading various things on the tablet, feeling reasonably well except for the sinuses, the ever present sinuses. I've had friends who've complained about sinus problems over the years, but never really understood what the reality of “having sinuses” was about, but I can now appreciate what they were saying. I'd just as soon not have had the opportunity. But we are drifting. Sunny outside, looks like mid-seventies today and through the coming week. Enjoy it while we can.

Evening. More tablet time, watched Democracy Now, checked out Charlie Rose and decided to skip it at eight and went back to bed. No more tablet for the day, don't need to overdose.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Chinatown StreetFest with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.