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August 29, 2016


Monday. Little or no time on the tablet last night and so to sleep early to awaken just after six to get up and head out to breakfast. Another overcast day that will break up later by noon. One hopes. I believe that's what the weather people were saying, this week a little warmer than this last week. Either way, no complaints after hearing and reading about what the rest of the country's been experiencing.

Went back to the plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries this morning. Our experiment with Eggs Benedict yesterday was successful, successful in the sense they didn't seem to have any noticed consequences, but best to not tweak the Fates’ collective noses more than once in a week (or, more probably, a millennium).

We'll finish the StreetFest web section and post it before we think about what needs doing today. There are indeed entries on the to-do list that need attention.

Later. A slow morning, lying down for an hour. Wondered when I started if I might now be experiencing the beginning of an ocular incident, but no, if so, it passed before it started. Besides, I had the waffle for breakfast. Right?

Maybe, just maybe, stop writing, if not thinking about this crap.

Anyway, finished the one section for the web sites and posted them by noon. Good. We'll bitch about them silently, fit them in with my “I don't want to go anywhere outside today” routines. Still enjoy taking pictures though, even if they just don't always turn out.

Some of them turned out.

The cute kid pictures don't count.

Later still. I've had repeated calls from a number in Pennsylvania, more than a dozen, half a dozen just this morning. I don't answer calls from numbers that aren't in my phone book, but I've been wondering who would call so many times. Wouldn't the reaction be more than negative when someone eventually answered the call? So many calls? So I blocked the number. My guess is they have a group of numbers, I seem to recall other calls with numbers off by a few digits, and they'll start calling again. Still. Who gains? And yes, I did a web lookup. The only sites that came up wanted to charge me to display the information. Screw 'em.

They do seem to have gotten your goat.

They also sparked my curiosity. Someone raising money? Not the best way to succeed, I'd think, if they should finally connect.

Watching television I took a random look at the Chinese New Year section on artandlife, clicked on the 2016 section and noticed all the pictures were labeled 2014, Year of the Horse, instead of 2016, Year of the Monkey. A quick check showed the pictures were indeed taken last February, Year of the Monkey. I can see how it could happen, knowing the sequence I follow in putting one of these sections together, but how had I missed such an obvious mistake? Had I looked at them at all? Looked without seeing? Was I sleeping?

The Chinese New Year Parade has hundreds of participants, all in costume, many towing dragons, shooting off fireworks and marching in bands, yet you were only able to put together one section of photographs for that one too, just like StreetFest this weekend. Yet you bitch about not getting enough photographs at StreetFest, did you bitch about only getting one section when you shot the parade as well?

Maybe another sign I've been doing this journal for far too long.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now, remembering listening to the first half this morning as I was preparing to set out for breakfast and wanting to hear it again, particularly to hear the last half I'd missed. Spent more time on the guitar. Not enough time, but then I suppose you really can't spend enough time if you really want to learn how to play the damned thing. It does seem to sooth something inside.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the Oakland Chinatown StreetFest with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.