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Here In Oakland

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August 5, 2016


Friday. Lights out whenever. Not so much early or late, it's just I don't quite remember. Awoke a couple of times during the night, yes, but briefly, awakening finally at six to get up, the various body parts seemingly OK, to go through the morning routine and set out walking to breakfast on this cool and overcast day.

Later. A bath, the third this week. If we're going to have toes suffering from bangs and cuts, we're going to keep them clean. Besides, the drought is over. Right?

Don't blame your bad bath habits on the drought.

Leaves us to blame it on the phase of the moon. But perhaps we've digressed further here than is wanted.

Still overcast, they're saying it will last through the weekend: cooler until we get into the week following. Nothing on the to-do list for the day. The Nihonmachi Street Fair tomorrow and Sunday in San Francisco. In looking at my artandlife site I see the last one I photographed was in 2012. Not sure what happened during those three missing years. Maybe I attended, but didn't come up with enough pictures? We plan to take care of that tomorrow and then on Sunday, if needed.

Later still. A walk over to the lake when the sun came out, thinking I was tired and didn't want to go out, but better to do it and see how I felt once outside. A bit hungry, but no thought to get anything to eat. A much smaller number of cormorants sitting on their floating perch at the white column pergola, but one took off and I was able to bring the camera up to take a couple of pictures. None of the others seemed in the mood to similarly fly as I waited and so on to the pergola to sit on a bench in the sun and wonder about this feeling so tired business. The usual thoughts of mortality (and another picture).

Evening. Watched the Gary Trudeau interview on the Trump cartoons he's drawn over the years that I'd heard only parts of on the radio this morning. I read and enjoy most of the comic strips in the morning papers, but Trudeau isn't a favorite, my attitude since he first started in syndication. Still, interesting interview.

A New Tricks at seven I may or may not have seen before. I suspect I have, but maybe this is one of those episodes that weren't worth the effort to remember. To bed then. It's been another feeling quite tired day, all day. Not sure why. I'm a little worried about where this will be tomorrow. Up for a trip to Japantown for the Nihonmachi Fair? Won't be up for it if I feel the way I have today.

When's the last time you've checked your blood pressure? That's been the culprit these last several times you've felt this tired. Memory glitches come in all shapes and sizes.

Oh, crap. Exactly. I am brain dead. Take a reading tonight and in the morning and, if they're low, skip taking the blood pressure med tomorrow morning.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Anime & Cosplay Festival last month with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.0 VR II Nikkor lens.