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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 6, 2016

And Nights

Saturday. I did take a blood pressure reading first thing this morning and decided to skip the blood pressure med, maybe take it at the end of the day and continue taking it at the end of the day from here on (if that works), focus on fixing this blood pressure is too low and we're tired business. He said. (He babbles on about a lot of stuff here in this journal.)

Otherwise, awake just before six to get up and drive to breakfast. If we're going to be running around later today taking pictures, we're going to get in more than enough exercise and so driving became an option. And, and.... Well. We drove to breakfast.

Overcast again. How do I feel? Can't really tell, but seemingly OK. Enough so I'm planning on heading to Japantown for the Nihonmachi Street Fair at eleven, see how it goes.

Later. Overcast and cold enough to wear a winter jacket, but out the door to bus, BART and bus to Japantown, arriving around noon to find not all that many people there on a cold enough to wear a winter jacket day. But at least I got there and so set out to take pictures.


And, although there were two stages with performers, there really weren't enough people to provide one, let alone two audiences and I, clever photographer I, wasn't seeing/finding anything to photograph. One or two other photographers seemed to be doing OK, in that they seemed much more engaged, but I, clever photographer I, came away after an hour and a half with nothing to show in the way of photographs. Well, but one.

A bus, then BART, then another bus home to download the pictures to the computer before lying down and continue with a Netflix series I've been wading through on the tablet. Not overly tired, but the sinuses-upper palate had been giving me problems, even after a second dose of the pain meds when I got home. At least the sun was shining when we arrived in Oakland.

Some thoughts on changing my approach to match circumstances. Carry but one camera. One camera, one lens and use more street photography tricks I've not followed in the past. Travel lighter and work at finding pictures that still ring my bell, but in different ways. I'm not sure running around with two cameras works for the now slower, tired me for the future. Go smaller. Shoot better.

All of which means?

I'm in a bit of a funk after today's outing and probably need more time to figure out if this is something that needs a more radical than usual solution. Pull in the horns, but still take pictures.

Evening. Processing the few pictures I took didn't take long. Nothing on television, although I spent quite a bit of time switching between programs I've sometimes been able to watch with interest. None of them seemed all that promising.

So to bed and the tablet. More and more of this tablet business. Time seems to be spent doing familiar things, but in different ways on different devices, these days. And nights.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Anime & Cosplay Festival last month with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.0 VR II Nikkor lens.