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Here In Oakland

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August 4, 2016

And Hope

Thursday. Spent little or no time on the tablet last night to awaken at ten minutes to six to get up, put things together and then take the car to breakfast. I'd done a bad job clipping a toe nail earlier in the week to cause it to ache and then managed to bang it against a chair leg this morning while still wearing just socks and it suggested in no uncertain terms it would be better for us to drive than to walk. I'd say this damned place is starting to feel more like a hospital ward if I didn't have a good friend who's in one right now and my big toe is nothing compared to his situation. We can bitch, we can repeat ourself over and over, but there are limits even for me, you'd think.

An easy ride to and from breakfast. More thoughts about Lightroom, going more rigorously through its capabilities, learn how to use the damned thing before I'm too old to take pictures. Or process them.

Might have been better to have learned it at the beginning, rather than at the end of your shooting career, don't you think?

Sometimes I wonder if I do think. Still, although the day is overcast, the toe feels better and the attitude seems pretty good. Need to get in a walk later and maybe some time working in Lightroom. Start with the picture up top. Seems a little too pale to be considered finished.

Later. Not much of a day. No walk, although the various body parts I've been complaining about have been behaving. Appreciate that. Now if I could say the same about the sinus-upper palate. Still, took a second dose of the pain meds about an hour ago to see if that would help. Should have kicked-in by now, although it seems they haven't.

I did play around with the photograph up top and replaced it just now. It's still not right, the skin tones are still off and I need, at a minimum, to know how to fix them better. Wanting (I suspect) to put it off, I ordered a Lightroom book from Amazon that's due to arrive Saturday. Two of them, actually, the reader comments suggesting they weren't just for beginners and might teach me what I'm looking to learn. Another “tomorrow”, except I do seem to enjoy working with them in both Lightroom and Photoshop, why wouldn't I enjoy working with them (even more) knowing what I was doing?

Oh, and the news. I'm really tired of the news, but like a junkie, I seem unable to turn the damned stuff off. Can you locate all the various places we're engaged in combat around the world? The issues involved? Right off the bat? I can't. Right off the bat.

Evening. I listened to Democracy Now this evening for the second time starting at five-thirty. A debate between Robert Reich and Chris Hedges on whether one should vote for Clinton or the Green party's Jill Stein. I'll be voting for Stein here in California because it's a safe way to show displeasure with the Democrats and still be sure Clinton will carry the state. Hedges is saying no: vote for Stein, don't back off: Trump is worse, but in many ways Clinton no better. Both parties are campaigning on fear. What a mess.

To bed and the tablet at eighty-thirty to then, one hopes, get a good night's sleep that results in a comfortable walk to work in the morning, no issues with toes. It has been feeling better since morning, but you never know and sometimes you can only just sit and hope.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Anime & Cosplay Festival last month with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.0 VR II Nikkor lens.