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August 17, 2015

You Noticed

Monday. For all the heat and whatever, a decent night's sleep, awakening just after six to get up and walk to breakfast. Feeling pretty good, the day ahead looking to be another day like yesterday, but not quite as warm. Hot. Not quite as hot.

One of the people at breakfast asked if I'd felt the earthquake earlier, not long before seven, and I said I hadn't. Then I thought about it. Not long before seven I'd been walking along the sidewalk to breakfast and, passing under the Highway 580 overpass, I'd felt an odd movement, breaking stride wondering if there'd been an accident up top, but no noise to indicate a crash. The thought it might have been an earthquake didn't occur.

Entering the apartment after breakfast I found cards I'd had leaning up on bookshelves on the floor in the living room, two cabinet doors ajar in the kitchen and a broom that had been propped up in the space next to the refrigerator blocking the kitchen entrance. Ah.

They said it was a 4.0 quake centered a mile or two from the café in Piedmont. Not the place to be, under a highway, when the big one hits. Unless they've managed to design the thing to withstand the big one and it's safer there than other places. I'd just as soon not find out.

Later. Had a single pork chop with eggs, country potatoes and toast for breakfast. I'm never sure if they add MSG or not, but a “light” ocular like reaction about an hour after I got back. So lie down, let the head clear resulting in an hour's nap. Sleep. No more pork chops.

Up before noon to go through the normal routine, checking this and that on the computer to confirm the head was now together before a bus downtown to take Latham Square pictures, have a chef's salad and coffee at the City Center out at a shaded table in front of the bagel shop and then a walk to the pharmacy to refill one of the daily vitamins. Well, the roughage pills. Life is less easy without them.

Over to the bus stop to just catch the bus home when it arrived to then wait on the relief bus driver to arrive. A ten minutes wait. Good Zen training. I did reasonably well, we are not convinced we necessarily need to get crankier in our advancing age. We'll accept the roughage pills, but fight this crankier than thou business. He said.

Home now at two. Yes, a swing by the apartment house construction site to catch up, the apartment house starting to look like an apartment house. Still another five or six months to finish, if the schedule the manager gave me some months ago holds, but a new sense we're coming toward completion. Two years to build.

Hot today, although not as bad as yesterday, with no thought to go outside. A light breeze, not bad walking in the shade, but that's done, better now to stay inside. This doesn't make your thoughts on climate change any happier. I can see why the state of the local climate makes such a difference in peoples’ perceptions.

Later still. Remembered today was the weekly Protime blood thinner test day for the third time in the late afternoon and so ran the test, but it gave me an error message. Replaced the batteries and ran the test again. Same error message. Called the vendor who said the error message meant the problem was something in the blood. Had I taken any new medications recently? Well, no. None other than the medications I've been taking now for years. Run it again tomorrow. OK. I guess. We'll run it again tomorrow.

Processed pictures for an hour or two before lying down to watch something on the tablet. I probably have a dozen films or T.V. series I'm in the middle of watching at the moment and yet couldn't hang longer than ten minutes with any one. Not a good sign if you've been thinking much of this heading into the sunset was going to be done on a tablet.

At least the temperature's better, the outside air now marginally cooler than here in the apartment. Yes, the windows and sliding glass balcony door are open and I'm thinking of preparing pasta with red clam sauce for dinner. One fifty-five this morning on the scale, the second day now in a row. Don't want to lose any more, go any lower.

Evening. Tried watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries to no avail and attempted Father Brown following at eight. Two episodes of Father Brown scheduled this evening, neither one of which was able to stop me going to bed instead. Leave the balcony door open about a foot, make sure the bedroom window is open and then to bed. Lights out by ten. another day is done, the daily rut routine intact.

This is tending more toward babble than we might like.

Warm, these last few days, haven't you noticed?

The photo up top was taken at Saturday's Oakland Half Marathon along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.