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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 16, 2015

Hard To Stop

Sunday. A pretty good night's sleep, no complaints, the fan eliminating temperature as a problem, awake at six and off to breakfast in the car. Nice, once a week, not walking. Walking is good, walking is not a problem once you've gotten started, but it's a bit like a piece of chocolate included with an otherwise healthy meal. Not that chocolate isn't good for the soul and the body, of course. He said. Babbled.

We are clearly stuck in a rut here in the wilds of Oakland. None of these “entries” has enough time spent on them, none of the ever repeated days/subjects are interesting and I'm not, other than talking about it, doing anything about it. The question is will this go on forever?

Are we bitching or are we going somewhere with this?

We are thinking of taking a week or whatever off and doing something completely different with our usual pursuits, the photos and the writing.


Mostly really.

Later. Warm at noon without quite being too warm, a light breeze just cooling enough and humidity that ties the two together and pushes them over the top. Skating on the edge, in other words, walking to the Lakeshore ATM, stopping by the ice cream shop for two scoops in another waffle dish/cup. (Not sure what to call it: it's not a cone, but it has a waffle cone surface that's shaped like a plate with a depressed center and is served in a plastic cup.)

Anyway, an hour's walk, the temperature up into the very high eighties and probably ninety now as I write. Not the best sort of a day for forest fires in the middle of a drought. Not that we live in a forest here in Oakland. Except for the hills.

We shall stay inside for the rest of the day and do what we need to do to keep us entertained. Not sure any of the items on my “to do” list qualify as entertainment, but we might find a way to work one or two within scope. Nah. What am I saying. It's too warm and I'm babbling again.

Later still. A ninety-three degree high for the day, breaking the old record of eighty-four. We have been spending our time lying on the bed with the tablet in front of the fan. This gets old after a while, but not as old as being up and about in the heat. I know, ninety-three, so many other nearby areas where it's hotter, but are here watching nonsense on the tablet and it's getting to us.

Evening. Leave the windows open, leave the fan on at the foot of the bed, turn out the lights and see if and when we get to sleep. We will, it's no longer all that bad now that it's after nine, but once you start with this moaning and groaning business it's hard to stop.

The photo up top was taken at yesterday's Oakland Half Marathon with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.