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Here In Oakland

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August 18, 2015

May, 2018

Tuesday. To bed early enough, lights out at the right time to awaken with the alarm. OK, you'd think a good night's sleep, no reason to argue against it, we're up and - oops! - I'd forgotten to reload the little plastic container that holds the week's medications yesterday when it ran out. OK, stand there and reload the container, thinking here's another instance of forgetfulness. We forget things. We do.

Still, out the door to walk to breakfast on an overcast and cool morning, the sun only just breaking through now that it's after ten. Nice. A cool morning to finish up breakfast, cross the street to document the four cent drop in gas prices (the oil companies are making out like bandits) and return to take a picture of the pandorea vine just as the bus arrived. Good.

Now to phone in a reorder for two prescriptions that are running low and think about heading downtown to take the Latham Square pictures, maybe have lunch again at the bagel shop. Such fine dining, so many visits to the bagel shop. Is the thought.

Later. Another debate on whether I wanted to go downtown and shoot Latham Square pictures or not and then have lunch. Debate, debate. Otherwise felt good, clear headed, but no interest in going anywhere, this coupled with what was obviously a fairly intense desire to go outside. But where? This debate not for the first time.

Finally in some frustration out the door at noon, fourteen minutes before the bus was due to arrive (it takes three minutes for me to leave the apartment and arrive at the stop), to walk to the apartment house site and take a set of pictures. So far, so good. A walk then on to the stop near the site to wait on the bus to arrive.

Downtown to Latham Square walking the usual route and taking the usual set of pictures (some of the workers were active, others were off in the shade to the side eating lunch) before looking for a place to eat other than the bagel shop. I, of course, ended up finally at the bagel shop. So much for innovation on a Tuesday at noon.

A chicken Caesar salad and coffee out at a table in the shade, a walk then to the bus stop to see it pull up across Broadway in the distance. Missed it by one or two minutes. Wait (one of those minutes)! The bus isn't moving. Changing drivers? This is the stop and this is the time it usually occurs. Crossed Broadway and arrived at the bus to discover the driver going through the seats picking up litter and so onto the bus and home. Luck. Luck is good. Luck is always good unless it's bad. IMHO.

Home now, the temperature not as warm as it was yesterday, but I could easily be wrong. No problem, the travels (and one hopes travails) of the day are done, we'll watch the news programs and dig out the guitar. We will practice, not long enough to make a difference, but we've finally come to grips with that fact.

Later still. Futzing a bit around the apartment, rearranging some of the clutter, but only some. Mustn't overdo it. Started a couple of new movies on the tablet while lying on the bed, checked the schedule to note there was nothing on T.V. tonight and brought the CD's up from the car CD player. Made sense at some level, retrieving the CD's. Didn't reload the unit with new ones. We'll think about that tomorrow.

Oh, and remembered to run the Protime blood test. Ran without a hitch. No idea why it failed yesterday. Another of life's mysteries revealed on a Tuesday afternoon.

Evening. It took a while to find, but I did locate an expiration date on my current tube of Arm & Hammer toothpaste, pressed in small raised letters at the sealed end of the tube: May, 2018.

This after hearing possession an expired tube of toothpaste is one of a list of other seemingly trivial infractions they're citing as reasons to put Bradley Manning into solitary confinement. Which sounds way too weird to be true. Toothpaste has an expiration date? My own teeth, at least, are safe until May, 2018. Your's may be too.

The photo up top was taken through a bus window on Broadway in downtown Oakland after the Oakland Half Marathon had been run with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.