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August 4, 2009

Well, Lame
Monday. Up around seven this morning instead of eight, my guess the product of going to bed early last night. A walk to a long breakfast of reading the papers, then a walk and a bus ride downtown to make my haircut appointment, a walk and then a bus back home, the clouds breaking and the sun coming out well before noon. Oh, and I'm out of pictures. Makes going to that event this evening something of a no-brainer. I'll put the long lens camera in a backpack and not worry about walking about Market street after dark. This is also the annual National Night Out barbeque this evening where local neighborhoods put out charcoal grills, tables and such and people bring food to cook and consume with their neighbors, a good time get to know your neighbor affair. Naturally I never attend. Get to know my neighbors indeed! This is The West! What would the Lone Ranger say?

He'd say “Tonto, pass the chicken please”.

Well, yeah, he probably wouldn't be drinking a lot of sake or eating sushi in the evenings either. Perhaps The West of old has changed. I'm not sure about getting to know your neighbors, though. There's a certain “I'll live my way, you live your way, lets look the other way” involved, although I know many of them to nod to as I pass on the sidewalk or wave as I run them down parking my car. And they probably know me as the guy with the camera over his shoulder. My attitude might change if I were to notice single women my age showing up, but they're all driving around in Ford Expeditions in the suburbs. And maybe, well perhaps more than maybe, I've become pretty good at this being a loner up here in my apartment thing.

You do go on.

Makes you wonder. Out here in The West.

Later. Lunch at the sushi place down at the bottom of the hill. “I was in the mood” is my excuse. Better might be the line: I had lunch at the sushi place to put the cost of my breakfasts in proper perspective. Nothing too exotic, although the owner brought me a hot sake on the house, hot sake to further fuzz my head in this warm weather. I knew he'd do it and maybe that was another subconscious motivation, an excellent excuse, perhaps, for a nap later although I consider any nap a plus at any time. No need for rationalizations, subconscious or otherwise. So, if you'll excuse me now, a nap methinks, to ease the day and clear the head for this upcoming evening.

Later still. Not a very long nap but a nap, none the less. The head is now clear, the afternoon is closing and I think I'll finish cleaning up this crap in my computer corner, the CD's, DVD's and the rest. It doesn't sound like much, but it's something I've been putting off the last ten years. Yes, ten years; I say ten years, although it's more like fifteen. What else can be done? That “event” in the city later this evening? Has my sake lunch torpedoed the adventure? Well, I have three hours to decide, three hours for my head to clear further and, in looking this thing up just now on the map (again), my worries about walking the dread Market Street after dark seem, well, lame.

The photograph was taken across from the Grand Lake theater yesterday with a Nikon D2X mounted with an 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 VR Nikkor lens at f 5.6 at 1/160th second, ISO 100.