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August 3, 2009

Progress, Here
Monday. Up after eight, again, walking to breakfast before nine, the engine in the head taking its own good time to turn over and start. Still, it does start, no complaints. Home now, the sky overcast, the air cool, the day and the week ahead. What to do, what to do! Or something like that.

Although better, the computer is still having its problems, so I'm continuing to update drivers and apply patches, struggling to bring back to mind the mental check list we used when problems like these came up. I stuck my head in to ask the owner of the computer store I bought this from on the way back from breakfast without getting any useful ideas, but we'll see. He suggested, as a suspect, a flaky hard drive, but hemmed and hawed a bit when I mentioned I'd purchased it new from his store in the last six months. “Hemmed and hawed” is too extreme, he didn't really hem and haw, but we'll see. He also suggested booting it in safe mode and letting it sit for a while. No sure why that would fix anything so I'm assuming I'm on my own with this. It's software, but which and what kind?

Later. It's now noon after another walk down the way to the post office, the walking for the day officially in although, I suspect, an urge to get out of here will come along as soon as I've recaptured my breath. I have a haircut scheduled for tomorrow morning and I've had some thought of photographing “an event” later that evening in San Francisco around dark. I guess I could park in the Marriott garage, spend the required dollars (instead of hoping to find a space on Broadway near BART in full view where the chance of a break in is minimal) and attend the event in a not so great area, but a not so great area where there will be other photographers and plenty of people. Are we getting timid in our advancing years? That may get me to go, timid indeed! Aching sinuses and head, yes, but timid? Hmmm. We are sniffing around what may be the truth, here, laziness being blamed where timidity has taken hold. Hmmm. Such is life.

The sun is breaking through, by the way, now that it's noon. It will be warmer than I like in a bit, but nothing too terrible to endure. I got on the scale this morning and saw that I'd broken below one of the ten pound marks. That's a lot of weight I've lost. Last night, on a whim, I tried on a Halston sports jacket I'd bought in the 70's when I was fit. Black velvet, black as black can be, and, for its time, expensive. I have two of them, one black and one a dark brown and I haven't worn them in years. Decades. I was able to button the black one without discomfort. It will, in another few pounds, fit quite comfortably. I probably won't wear it, it's not something I'd wear anymore, but the idea it fits is, well, gratifying. It was something you'd wear with well washed jeans in the old days if you were in, say, the rock and roll business. My, my. Yes, I'll post a down and dirty picture, but I'll post another later when I get the lighting unpacked and setup properly. Or then again, maybe I won't.

I don't think they're “velvet”, as such, but suede.

Yeah, but a thick whatever cloth with white silk lining. Velvet, suede, chicken feathers, whatever it's made of I like it, and if not it, then the idea of it. Movie star casual just skittering at the edge of, but not crossing over into the gauche and ridiculous

In your opinion.

In my opinion.

Later still. It's later now having finished cleaning up my stacks of old CD's. I had copies of software that was ten years old, versions so old they make me feel old, and now they're sitting comfortably in the trash. More to come tomorrow. My, my. Progress, here in Oakland.

The photograph was taken across from the Grand Lake theater yesterday with a Nikon D2X mounted with an 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 VR Nikkor lens at f 5.6 at 1/80th second, ISO 100.