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August 2, 2009

Way Of The World
Sunday. This poor old computer failed many times last night. Getting out a coherent entry was, well, interesting. Today, I'm afraid, I'm going to have to really get under the hood and figure out what's causing the problem. I know how to do it, but boy howdy, I'd rather not. I'd even more “rather not” replace the motherboard, CPU and memory, though. I'm pretty sure it's a device driver that's the problem, probably the driver for the network card that's built into the motherboard, but again, boy howdy, these computers! I'd complain a whole bunch more, but doing exactly this kind of work paid the rent for some twenty years, allowing me to retire in one piece to sit here and carp. (Carp! Carp! Carp!)

How old is the motherboard in your computer? Isn't it about time it was replaced anyway?

It works just fine, thank you. It's a Pentium 4 something or other and it handles PhotoShop and my other graphics programs like a champ! Until now, of course.

The morning is overcast, the night quite cool. Quite cool in the sense I slept like a rock under a blanket and awoke just after eight. Three days in a row awakening just after eight. Maybe this is my new morning: up at eight, breakfast before nine (walking, this time, the two dollar an hour parking meters kicking in at eight and adding seven hundred dollars to my annual breakfast bill, you understand), back by ten. Screws up my weekday morning Korean soap schedule, but I decided to skip watching television some paragraphs back, so, well, maybe I'll actually make good on my promise. Well, I know better than to say that. Yes, I know “promise” and “thought” have different meanings.

I talked of getting a decent picture at this, the last day of the Lakefest affair down the street, and of labeling the DVD web site backups that are sitting on my desk. And maybe backing up the photographs that are sitting on the many (separate) hard drives attached to my system. Before the hard drives all fill up and I have to buy more hard drives to avoid backing up the photographs onto DVD's (and make labels for them).

Hard drives are awfully inexpensive these days.

Yes, but at some point reality must intervene. Don't you think?

Not in Proprietor Land methinks.

Later. Some of my introspective thinking addressed the writing: might it not be better to, um, think these things through, get rid of the “went to breakfast this morning” bits and, well, you know, produce something more finished with a beginning, a middle and an end? And alliteration and stuff? Nah. Introspection can lead you to an abyss where one careless thought and you're over the edge (and writing).

Later still. I didn't spend any time at Lakefest today, although I walked down through the area to the end and took a couple of pictures. No excuses, the head-sinus thing wasn't behaving and I was tired. Still, a large turnout. A group of skateboarders playing around on the site of the farmer's market where a hip hop band was playing and drawing a crowd across from the theater, but not the number of people the market itself will bring. Still, I suspect a good and one hopes successful time was had by all. I should have gone in the morning when the light was better. But there's always something to say about when and where, who and how, here in Oakland.

Oh, and I did manage to update the Ethernet driver. So far, so good, I think that may have done it. There are other drivers on the list, but the Ethernet driver was giving me that old its corrupted your computer feeling. Tracking these down and installing them is nothing someone unfamiliar with computers would want to deal with, but then that's the way of the world.

The photograph was taken of a local portrait artist's work on display at my morning cafe with a Nikon D2X mounted with an 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 VR Nikkor lens at f 5.6 at 1/5th second, ISO 640.