. Bring One Back - San Francisco 2009 Gay Pride parade photo


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August 1, 2009

Bring One Back
Saturday. Up early, to breakfast at the usual place, back now to the apartment and the computer which has been acting erratically now for too long and seems hell bent (yesterday and today) to freeze at every given opportunity. My assumption has been a device driver that needs upgrading to operate with this oh so fully patched computer, but the symptoms are many and varied and the error software hasn't been catching what's breaking. Hi, ho.

This should not be happening when you consider how recently I installed the current system, but then maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about. No chance of that, you'd think, clever I, but this troubling thought has been occurring more often now as I've grown older. Hi, ho. You look in the mirror, you see a man who's more and more resembling one of those old geezers you've observed over the years, only this time (could it be?) you're the old geezer looking back.

Then again, having had two long drives this week on which to think about my situation (I do think about my situation occasionally, more rationally than I might indicate.) I've decided to do a few minor corrective things starting this morning. The various photographic outings, yes, there are a couple this weekend, but some thought of junking the junk I have sitting in my living room - the old monitor, the defunct VHS player, the small black and white television set - and getting my life back in shape. Clean apartment, clean head. Or something like that. There's a lot of work to do to get my photographs backed up, burned to disk, added to a database that fit under this heading, so today is day one. We'll see.

Back from a walk just now down the way to the morning restaurant to check gas prices. Had they changed since yesterday? I thought I was sure they hadn't when I checked this morning and didn't take a photograph, but the question kept coming back. No, turned out it hadn't, but the daily walk is done, a second walk and bus ride downtown later maybe to make up for the days I missed last week. Actually, no. We're changing our habits and attitude. I'm up for getting out of the apartment. No need for goodie two shoes bull about “walking” and “exercise”. No more of that until tomorrow at least.

I took a more serious look at the computer, deleting all the system and local temp files and a bunch of other stuff I know about, before de-fragmenting the disk. It hasn't been done in a long time from the look of it, maybe it will help. That and a backup of my web files, all two gigs of them. Two copies each of many, many files, some of them worth saving. I guess. Two DVD copies sitting on the desk right now waiting to be labeled. So easy to describe, so hard to accomplish. Will they still be there tomorrow gathering dust?

Later. Another walk, this time through Lakefest, a street festival just beyond the farmer's market, people all over the place. I shot one or two photographs without my heart in it and then walked farther on to my morning café to have an afternoon lunch, the churning caused by the peanut butter last night still alive this morning, hurrying things through more quickly than is right, which I'm guessing is neither good nor bad, but keeps you sensitive to your surroundings and the distance to the nearest accessible commode. More than you needed to know?

It's not easy getting a decent photograph at one of these street festivals, by the way, real photographers go at it for hours and hours, which means, in reading that, I'd best go out again tomorrow and bring one back.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2009 Gay Pride parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens at f 2.8 at 1/500th second, ISO 200.