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Under Construction
Bainbridge Island, Washington

August 12th, 2002

Good Company
Today I went to the doctor's office for the biopsy results. The lab reported they'd found an area they weren't quite certain about and needed to "send it out for further analysis". Something like that. "Send it out for further analysis".


Well, it could be they've found what the doctor described as a cancer precursor or cells that had recently had an infection or in some way been damaged. (From an earlier biopsy? I didn't think to ask.) Bottom line: come back in a month. He would have called me to cancel today's appointment, but he hadn't received the results until this morning when he'd been forced to call the lab.

My doctor needs a new lab. He'd told me a story at an earlier appointment about a blown biopsy that had cost him a friend and how he'd "chastised the lab severely", further complaining he often had to call as he did today because they were late. Get a new lab, doctor.

Get a new doctor, Prop.

So much for biopsies and stuff until the subject resurfaces. I've been avoiding thinking about this - a bit hard to not - but I think I'll get on to other subjects. Doctors and diets are of little interest outside of your own noggin and inside your own noggin they don't make good company.

The photograph was taken on Bainbridge Island in Washington.